29 thoughts on “They are predicting rain later today. Imagine that.

  1. Gee…sounds like Dallas predictions, Angel.

    I’ve been thinking, maybe should become a meteorologist. Just call in the chemtrail agency and ask, “Hey, are you chemtrailing today? Yes? Ok.” Then go on air and tell everyone, “So it’s going to rain later today.” and then get paid lots of money for it.

    Wow….such a hard, demanding and stressful job.

  2. Hey Angel, don’t worry, those tic-tac-toe lines have NOTHING to do with the sudden change in weather. It’s clearly normal. No worries. As a matter of fact, do what many Dallas sheeple do and don’t even look up at the sky and then just shake your head and laugh at the crazy person who mentions that chemtrails are causing the change in weather. Remember, ignorance is strength 😉 (sarcasm)

    Anyways, so far no chemtrails in my area today….yet.

  3. yes — the checkerboards in the sky do make it obvious.

    I’m guessing Elmhurst or Astoria based on the few architectural clues I have.

    1. Nope, the shots were taken from the corner of Bleecker and Perry St. (West Village, Manhattan). Looking uptown, from Perry St. window.

      1. Without intending to, the photos feature Jennifer Aniston’s tri-plex penthouse on W.12th St. (trivia of the day, LOL)

        1. okay – I thought the thing in the background was the tower in Flushing Meadows Park, so I picked Queens neighborhoods about 1 1/2 – 2 miles away from there that might have post-war luxury apartments. (and if you’re on Bleeker and Perry — what is the white tower in the lower left corner of the lower picture? Is that new? I’ve never seen that thing before, and that’s why I put you in Queens)

          1. It’s not a tower. Just a chimney on the rear roof of a brownstone, about 3 buildings up, on Bleecker. They covered the brick, whitewashed and put a black cover on it. You can’t see it from the street.
            Unless you are talking about the the silver louver on the roof of the brownstone across the street (I just noticed that I caught half of it, in the bottom, far right, corner). They use to be black, but they were painted silver a few years ago. Just a 6″ boiler pipe but, it does kinda look like a tower. LOL

        2. Holy mother of God… a chimney. Do you know the tower I’m talking about that I thought that chimney was? It was in the movie “men in black” and I think some aliens were going to take off from there or something. Well it’s in Queens, and it looks a lot like that chimney from a couple miles away.

          Well thanks for cluing me in, Angel. I’ll get glasses.

  4. We’ve been warned of multiple tornadoes possible Sunday into Monday in the Midwest. Giant storm developing in Kansas/Colorado heading east.

    1. Yea Millard. looks like it’s gonna hit me where i am around Sunday, and last several days. Baton down the hatches.

  5. Angel- here’s my letter to the ed. in Northern CA from last week
    what a coincidence!


    Back when the revised General Plan was in the final stages of approval, the environmental section got me pretty spooked, so I did more research. I found that AB 32- The CA Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act has the same language as the GP. It calls for California to reduce GHG by 60% within 20 years and by 83% by 2050. This does not mean the State of California. It means YOU. At the same time, no viable alternative technology is offered to ease the transition.
    The EPA and every other alphabet, unconstitutional agency is shutting YOU and this country down with the concept of “Climate Change”. Yet on almost any given day, one can witness the “aerosol” trails left by jets or by mountain top generators.
    Today is mild, some cumulus and some that look like a smoke cloud (fake). Yesterday we could have played virtual tic-tac-toe.
    Don’t roll your eyes and chuckle- that’s enough already. Use your senses, research Geo-Engineering and get with it.
    You want to talk about climate change? Start with a sunny morning, add about a dozen “criss- cross” vapor trails, stir lightly and simmer. By one it is cloudy and windy. This goes on everywhere. Still a disbeliever? Tell me where the jets originate and land. Explain why sometimes the skies are quiet and other random times it is rush hour.
    Right at the top or Reno is Desert Research Institute- weather mod. has been their thing for quite a while.
    If you faux environmentalists are going to yap about Global Warming and MAKE us devolve by reducing GHG emissions by 60%-83%, then first learn about Geo-Engineering or stop defending it. Let’s get active, AND MAKE IT STOP. Then, maybe, we can discuss Global Warming. Or is it Climate Change?

      1. Poured pretty good for a short while (40-45 mins. maybe) around 9:00, and some more around midnight, but that was about it. We’d need weeks of steady rain to make up for the HAARP induced drought here.

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