They look like cops, but they’re not. And they’re all over Michigan.

Detroit Free Press

They have guns, wear badges and patrol Michigan’s streets.

They’re even in uniform. But they’re not real cops.

Across Michigan, police departments have enlisted civilians to work alongside licensed officers to patrol communities and even assist real cops with arrests. But unlike the regular officers licensed by the state, these armed civilians are unregulated.  

A Detroit Free Press investigation found there are no state-established training requirements for reserve officers, as they are commonly known; no standards for screening their qualifications, and no process for monitoring their conduct. The state agency responsible for police licensing and training is not regulating reserve officers — despite gaining authority last year to do just that — and has no idea how many such unlicensed volunteers there are statewide.

This lack of oversight continues despite numerous incidents of questionable — even illegal — conduct by reserve officers in recent years.

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7 thoughts on “They look like cops, but they’re not. And they’re all over Michigan.

    1. I was sure someone was going to catch that also

      Must be their license to break laws and the BoR
      Yet I give “their rule” zero credence

  1. This is creepy/scary. I’ll need more time to break it down for myself. But initially I’m thinking if only these “civilians” weren’t working with the police, then it would just be us, the people, armed and protecting ourselves and other innocents.

    I wonder if something significant could emerge from this? A break from the system, putting the system itself on alert? Some might say that’s what we already have, but how much more powerful it would be if those “civilians” were awake. Sick that so many are lining up to serve with the servants of Big Brother. It comes across as a horrid distortion of 2nd Article. Excuse me if I’m not seeing it clearly; I’m workin’ on it and would appreciate any clarification/insights.


    1. My 2 cents worth, Galen:
      This is merely another mercenary group being conditioned to harass and eventually assault the American populace – “Privateers”. There is no patriotic angle to this that I can perceive – they are selected by the same traitors and for the same “qualifications” as your standard run-of-the-mill Policy Enforcer. At the very least, they will be used as the first wave of cannon fodder when the time comes.

  2. Cops are civilians. Just because marion webster changed their definition a decade ago does not make cops anything other than civilians.

  3. Most cops are corrupt as hell anyway, on the take from gangsters, rob and steal evidence, being accused of rape everyday.

    As things get worse, so do the cops.

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