2 thoughts on “This is why the ADL was founded This is now one of the world’s most powerful organizations

  1. Good summary. I’ll just add that that was certainly a moment of bringing black and white together. And it was of a time when people would take it into their own hands to bring about justice. Now there are so many intermediaries that justice is rarely served. When our Common Law Courts are fully running again the blocks to justice will be removed. Amazing that over 70 years later (70!!) in 1986, the genetic tribe of the rapist and murderer gets him a pardon. Hmm…, a pardon for rape and murder of a child. On what grounds I wonder? I’ll have to research that. I’d guess that it was probably on the grounds of “It was never proven,” once again denying the peoples’ proof. I heard that a play about Leo Frank, the child rapist and murderer was on Broadway last year. I do not know how the rapist and murderer was portrayed. Likely as a victim himself. Then I peeked in on wiki and read, “The musical’s story concludes that the likely killer was the factory janitor Jim Conley…” Wow, thought I, but of course!!

    Can’t wait ’till we’re out from under.


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