18 thoughts on “This may be one of the most powerful videos in the past 19 months

  1. Nothing is going to change , hell they are probably about to put their foot to the floor on this bullshit , once they fabricate a lie , they take it to their graves ,, we just need to find a way to make that happen faster … their graves part

  2. Henry and the Trenchers, Greetings from Canada!

    This video I am sharing comes from Sudbury, Ontario where the people came out with papers in their common law jurisdiction, to serve to the police services, demanding they do their job. They began by singing the national anthem. They are demanding an investigation into the proper isolation of the (covid doesn’t exist) virus. They are putting the police services on notice, that this crime has to stop. One of the women said to the cop, “if anything in these documents is false, you can put me to death.” One of the men mentioned how the test kits which are being sent home with the little children from school, who know nothing about hazard labels, are putting them at risk. The toxic waste from the kits and the masks are polluting the land and the water supply as well. No hazardous waste bins exist for proper mask disposal, to be used by the gullible subjects who actually believe they are protecting eachother from a deadly virus! We have no guns to fight the oppressor with, so we have to go out into the cold and the snow, to document our efforts to appeal to whatever smidgeon of humanity might still exist in what is supposed to be the hearts of our local public servants, using public pressure, documented on video.

    Approx. 100 people present at the police head quarters, backed by the signatures of 600 others, brought their grievances to their “public servants”.

    1. You Canadians have to be the most polite people on the planet, and I say this with admiration.
      I have never read Canadian common law or any of the administrative admiralty for Canada, so the following is just my personal opinion as a person who has fought the unlawful administrative admiralty in the united states of America for more than thirty years.
      What I saw in the video was a group of well meaning Canadians serving an office, not a person. It seems you turned your common law documents over to a corporate entity that will summarily dismiss them and jack you around as long as you will play the game.
      If it were me, I would think that Chief of Police, him or her, has a private residence and a private life outside the corporate office he or she serves.
      First finding out the name and address of the person pretending to be Chief of Police, I would then serve him or her at their private residence in their private capacity. The complaint would only be made by one person, with 600 people signing as witnesses to his or her signature. If the Chief of Police was Bob Smith, he would be charged with every violation of the common law he has committed and with international conspiracy to commit genocide on the Canadian people.
      There would be no freedom of information act, he or she would either answer in the prescribed time limit in the common law, or enforce the law and remove the administrative admiralty out of his office and start arresting the international criminals killing Canadians.
      If he does not answer within the prescribed time, everything in the writ becomes fact, which would be a filing in the common law court, in the common law jurisdiction against him or her by the same person that served him with 600 witnesses’ signatures attached.
      You people are just getting started at this. There are a lot of bumps and bruises on the road to the school of hard knocks, but do not stop. Take your lumps, gain more knowledge, and come back at them again.
      It is your country, but it is my opinion that like every other country on this planet, the international corporate mafia will kill you or you will kill them.

      1. P.S. The fat ass pig that was doing most of the talking who took those packets of documents, handled by several people yet refused to shake a hand, as the first thing mentioned that he had handled situations like this in Iraq, I would have asked him if he wanted Iraq in Canada and everything that comes with it.
        Just my opinion.

    2. When the People come at the men in uniform, we must clearly state, eye to eye, that we are all equal under the Law. The foundation of that Law is our right to the truth, equally. Our job as equals under the Law, is to enforce that right by participating in seeking it out. Over the past coming up on 2 years, we stood up and did our proper due diligence, which is not only our right, but our duty! We have begun the due diligence, due process of the Law which is now being delivered into your hands, to join forces with us, to defend and uphold. When we have eye to eye communication, it is all about the Law, the Truth and our duty, to step into it and to deal with it. Step up, not down! This is the cross-roads for all of us to decide which way we are going to go. It is our duty as equals under the Law, to keep the True North Strong and Free! It belongs to all of us, equally!

      A growing number of our Law enforcers have joined with the People by re-affirming the oath they took to uphold the Law, by identifying themselves as “Police On Guard For Thee”. They already know the truth and they have already spoken it out in our Public domain when a convoy group kicked off their arrival to represent approx. 5 million Canadians, with one signature per second pouring into their website, on a document titled Memo of Understanding to be delivered to Ottawa. Police on Guard for Thee ushered us in with speeches that uphold the law and put Ottawa on notice.

        1. As Henry said, “the international corporate mafia will kill you or you will kill them.”

          To some it may sound brash or hyperbolic. They can call it whatever they want, but it’s the reality and if you don’t approach it as such, you’re not seeingthe reality. Their illusion of “law and order” and “civility” is disarming and THAT is its intent. Fight like your life depends on it because it DOES. You don’t stop genocide and totalitarianism with paperwork and playing by the rules they have constructed to to negate any “civilized dialogue” regarding murder and enslavement. A fool’s errand.

  3. Henry, I was thinking something similar to what you said about the gros cochon trained in Iraq. I just noted your 2 comments and I agree completely with you! Absolutely! Let me take the time to submerse my mind in your words and soak them in. Thank you!

    Martist, you are absolutely right. I see it from your perspective more clearly than I have articulated so far, and as these “citizens” seem to do. I will be soaking my mind in your words as well, because I understand what the whole world is up against. You nailed it!

    galen, I get it. I will check out your links. I have been with you guys without missing a broadcast, many of them on repeat, since May 30, 2019. Henry’s bone-chilling, righteous indignation has gotten through to me. I love it!

  4. Henry, I clearly saw what you saw! Exactly! Even more clearly, now! Every point you mentioned rings true with me! I have similar thoughts as you, about le gros cochon (the fat ass pig). No doubt about it. I am now submersing my mind in your words because I know what’s at stake to prepare myself for battle. Martist, you nailed it. I get it. You wrote it out absolutely right! galen, I can’t disagree in the least with you. Mid week asylum analysis! Makes perfect sense! I know we are at war with the international corporate mafia. Yep. That’s a fact. I am able to look at this from the perspective of everything I have learned from you and the Trenchers since May 30, 2019, never missing a broadcast, some of them on repeat. For me, at the end of the day, the American Bill of Rights is the ONLY solution. I whole heartedly agree with you, galen and Martist. What I am learning from you has toughened me up quite a bit over the past 2 years. Henry’s bone-chilling, righteous indignation has gone all the way through me several times, right to the core leaving me feeling its powerful effect. Today, I prepare my mind to get to the level of polite, yet fierce and merciless.

      1. Glad to meet you, too, galen. Strength and power to see right through them and to speak and act accordingly in the capacity of the individual on the right side of the Law, will either destroy the other individuals in violation of it, or wake them the f**k up! I will be tuning in at 4:30 pm est. for the best part of my day. 🙂

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