This Mom Brought a Pit-Bull Home to her Autistic Son. This is Their Amazing Story!

True Activist – by Amanda Froelich

He used to struggle from anxiety and social inhibition, but learned to open up to love with the help of a rescued pit bull.

Diagnosed with autism at a young age, Jonny Hickey was a young child who struggled with anxiety and many other issues. In fact, his trouble adapting to society and others outside of his familiar circle caused emotional taxation on the whole family.

But when Jonny’s mom caught a news story about a horribly abused and neglected pit bull that needed a home, she felt inspired to help. The dog, named Xena, was adopted into their home and quickly bonded with the young boy.

What happened next is remarkable. Watch the incredible video!

Animals adopted into a loving home can provide the best therapy as they’ve experienced a recovery of their own instigated by love.

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