25 thoughts on “This plane just buzzed my house. Wish I could I.D. it.

  1. Too bad you couldn’t read the numbers on the side
    You can run those numbers and it will tell you who or what company owns it

    1. Hey Samfish. looks like N5141J after blowing it up on this end. Any ideas?? Don’t know where to go or how to look it up.

  2. Probably just a tourist plane. You can shoot it down….but then it’ll be problematic when the jewnews says it was a tourist plane. It shouldn’t be problematic shooting it down….lol.

    1. Thank you Guest for checking this out. Did a search on Swass air inc. and came up with nothing. interesting.

  3. It’s probably just a tourist plane….I wouldn’t worry until you see it again. I get military choppers flying off in the distance. I’m sure their just doin what military choppers do. Even in the distance they are still loud, rattling my Windows. I wouldn’t worry about that plane unless you see it again and again and again….and even then it might just be a tourist plane.

          1. Well Paul, I got digger’s hemp rope that I’m going to put a good noose on. Then, I think I’ll just hang it on the wall for décor until it is enlisted in the cause.

          2. I have never downloaded off of this camera but, if I’m able to figure it out, I’ve got a bunch of pics to share.

  4. 5141J 18281062 SWASS AIR INC
    2305 S 24TH ST
    QUINCY, IL 62305-2745 CESSNA
    2001 182T 05/06/2005 Up to 12,499 Corporation

  5. Hey glad you got it figured out Paul. Like I said earlier….if you think it’s a CIA plane shoot it. Let the jews sort it out. Just make sure it aint a tourist plane…lol.

  6. I found all the same info. using duckduckgo… then used startpage to glean more on ‘Swass Air”:


    -Which gives us: (has more data at the site itself)

    mobile application evaluation and rating for privacy, privacy evaluation and ratings

    Owned by: SWASS AIR, INC.

    Serial Number: 85590780

    mobile application evaluation and rating for privacy, privacy evaluation and ratings

    Owned by: SWASS AIR, INC.

    Serial Number: 85590781

  7. One of the maneuvers of a student pilot, or just some pilot practicing his skills in ” Turning about a Point”. Cessna 172 is a very common training aircraft. C-182, or 210? They burn a lot more fuel and are bigger. These would be more likely to be government aircraft than the C-172, 177, 152 etc… Hard to say really. Its not a C-206 I’m pretty sure.

    If they are doing mach straffing runs on your house try and get his tail number. You can file an NTSB incident report on the pilot, but it might be more useful just to find out who owns the aircraft and go pay them a visit and try and find out more information. Never know what you might turn up. The part of this is people pay pranks sometimes. Puerile joke it may be, but it really should be discouraged and getting the government involved won’t stop it. Personal contact would. Honor is satisfied, and you don’t have to tattle on anyone for a body of goons that are your enemy anyway. 🙂

    Need better pictures. SLR 35mm is GREAT!!! ASA 100 gives good resolution. Digital with with auto focus SUCKS.

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