Three Card Monte at Gunpoint

The fiscal cliff, austerity by any other name, this which is being sold to us as a pretense of dissent, is in reality not but disagreement as to what is the safest path to take in upping the theft of the American nation.  Talking about stealing something from someone is a whole lot different than actually committing the act, just as having someone say they are going to take your property is a whole lot different than actually enduring it.

The fraudulent argument of a debt owed by we the people is just a smoke screen.  I mean, what are we talking about here, $800 billion in cuts and or $1.2 trillion in tax increases?  How about a dose of reality?  Under QE3 and stimulus from August through December, 2012, $600 billion has been borrowed in our grandchildren’s name and given over to the international banksters in trade for more toxic derivatives.

We are now under QE3 into eternity and QE4 for a whole lot more, borrowing $85 billion a month in our grandchildren’s names, this again to be handed over to the international banksters, and again in trade for more toxic dirivitives.  In ten months this will equate to another $850 billion added to our debt.

So, what in reality does $800 billion in proposed spending cuts have to do with anything?  Fourteen months after that, another $1.2 trillion will have been borrowed in our grandchildren’s names and given over to the international banksters.  So, in two years we will have doubled the amount in question with the fiscal cliff in moneys printed up and given to the international banks.

Of course they say we are purchasing property for this money, but we all know this so called property is nothing more than another $2 trillion in toxic derivatives.  And they even say it themselves out of the sides of their mouths every once in a while that it is a continuance of the bailout.  What it is is trading gold for paper because the $2 trillion that is given to the international banks will be used to buy up more American assets from the United States government that does not own the property that they will be selling (natural resources and real estate).

These scum bags are now touting rising home sales in America, which in reality are purchases of real estate by the Chinese government using the same worthless paper.

Have you noticed that job, jobs, jobs as the number one issue has now faded into obscurity….again?  I promise you the banksters would be quite happy to go on stealing status quo until our every resource was depleted.  But it has reached the point that the only way the theft can increase is through the out and out taking of our private property and this, absolutely, is the reason we must be disarmed and this is why our Bill of Rights must be removed.

The due process of the law no longer exists, so now we must defend our lives and properties by meeting force with force.  Look past the smoke screen and there can be no doubt as to the intent of the communist insurgency.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

6 thoughts on “Three Card Monte at Gunpoint

  1. You’re absolutely correct. This is austerity measures by means of divide and conquer. Split us in two and lay it on while we fight amongst are selves.

  2. …for those of you who have been chuckling at us “conspiracy theorists” for the last forty years….please, don’t be shy….come on in…join us for a discussion of the level of corruption your government has reached…we don’t even mind that you laughed at us all those years, as long as you are ready to stand at the vanguard of defense for liberty…whatever that turns out to be in your local community, across the country and across the globe…do not feel bad that you’ve been duped all these decades….just stop and think about this….the one thing your government is really good at…it is the public relations/media management thing….even when they blow a false flag operation like 911 and Sandy Hook….when everyone knows they committed the crimes and treason …they are still able to get the story out of.. “what should have been”….so the sick thing is, they know what they are doing and they sell the “right story” to us..but then act in a completely illegal, opposite fashion….! And you folks want to give your guns to these people? You’re insane!


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

  3. Hi Eomer & RJ,

    You have both posted appropriate and somewhat explanatory responses that do strike at the heart of the matter,.. allow me to distill it down just a little further, and simplify the equation:

    Gov’t takes your guns = Gov’t then takes all else, and then your life.

    There really is no need for further discussion, we do not need to “convince ourselves” of the gov’t crimes more, and those who are still stuck in the matrix, will remain there until there is a TSA, FEMA, FBI, or some other gov’t thug holding a gun to their head.

    What we need now, is to discuss,.. what will be YOUR threshold moment when you say,. .”ENOUGH”,.. pull out your weapons and start fighting back?

    Remember,.. This criminal agency called the US Fed Gov’t does NOT want to initiate a Lexitington/Concord moment! They want to disarm as quitely and steathily as possible to AVOID waking up the masses, or unifying the gun owners to action!

    In their minds,.. THAT MUST BE AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS!!!

    So,.. this means people will be attacked and disarmed individually for the most part, which brings me back to the most important question you will ever face in your life:

    At what point will raise your firearm?

    The moment you point your weapon at ANY gov’t thug,…. its a one-way ticket. From our criminal gov’ts point of view, YOU are the one that has committed a crime that you should be shot and killed for, ar at the least, arrested and made an example of.


    What must you see, be aware of, or see occurring in your immediate enviroment that will bring you to the point of no return??

    JD – US Marines – It is best to make up your mind about that now, as when it occurs, any hesitiation may be enough to get you killed, or thrown into FEMA camp with the rest of the fodder.

    1. My threshold moment is behind me. I’m going to be either jailed or killed by these bastards, so I’m shooting anyone that comes near me that I don’t recognize. (I don’t live in the city anymore)

      If I hear it start near me, I’m there. If they come to my house, I’ll kindly ask them to leave my property if I have time to, but I’m not going anywhere. I’d rather die right here and take a few of them with me.

  4. Ahem…the people who print the money and spend ours are the ones living in the big castles and eating lobsters.

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