Tobacco Preps From Seed to Rolling Your Own Cigarettes

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For thousands of years, tobacco has been a valuable commodity. In fact, less than 100 years ago, it wasn’t uncommon to go into a small town general store with a bushel of tobacco and walk out with anything you need. Even now, in less developed countries, tobacco is still a valuable barter item. For a smoker, cigarettes, loose tobacco and rolling papers are an obvious prep, but even non-smokers should stock up on tobacco as a low-cost barter item for a real SHTF scenario. In the bellow video you can learn how to grow, store, and use the tobacco to make your own cigarettes. Enjoy

8 thoughts on “Tobacco Preps From Seed to Rolling Your Own Cigarettes

  1. Hey #1 outstanding post.Have always felt that tobacco items are more valuable than even gold for smokers. I have been interested in making my own for a while but never ran across any info that showed me how. thanks for posting this.

  2. You can search youtube. There is a guy in Minnesota that grows his own. He shows his techniques for growing in the north, but he gets great crops.

    Easy to find if you search for it.


  3. Thanks for the post #1 NWO. Definitely an excellent bartering tool. Until now, I wasn’t really sure where to get the seeds. The tobacco curing process and packing the paper tubes looks a little expensive, and much more labor intensive than growing the other type of smoking herb. I have tried buying the tobacco in plastic sacks but it is pipe grade: stems that tear the paper tubes and it’s harsh to smoke. You can also buy less expensive motorized tube loader machines but they aren’t as rugged as the one this lady has. It might be easier to use a wooden pipe with filter inserts or, a water pipe, instead of filtered paper tubes. With a water pipe you can flavor and/or methylate the water to get the same results… but this method won’t be as convenient as rolled cigarettes; especially when you are driving a car (water pipes will always attract a cop or another driver’s attention).

    Even though tobacco smokers are looked-down upon, many smokers can’t quit and will be quite desperate for a cigarette when the SHTF.

    1. Most welcome, Inretrospect. I’m always on the lookout for articles on barter items, which, imo, will be far superior to silver, gold, or especially fiat currency.

      Say you have water, and I have food. I can’t drink silver or gold, you can’t eat either one (well, you could, but it would be HIGHLY inadvisable, not to mention crazy). Barter is the only solution. Straight trade, to everyone’s satisfaction.

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