Toronto City Councilor Dies After Retweet of Bivalent Booster Notice

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Cynthia Lai’s death comes just two days after her official Twitter account retweeted an announcement about the availability of the bivalent booster.

Toronto Public Health’s tweet was posted on Wednesday morning, October 19. Lai was reportedly too ill by that evening to attend a campaign debate. She was checked into a hospital by Thursday and died early Friday, October 21.

There is no confirmation yet that she had already had herself injected with the bivalent shot nor is there information on the cause of her death.

Lai posted a photo on Facebook in May 2021, indicating she been jabbed with synthetic mRNA.

Lai had also been hospitalized in September. A representative from her office said the councilor was doing well when CBC Toronto inquired about her health two weeks later. There are rumors now that she may have been diagnosed with gallbladder cancer.

The municipal election is on Monday, October 24. It is too late to reprint the ballots.

Lai was running to retain her seat representing Scarborough, to which she was first elected in 2018. She had immigrated to Canada from Hong Kong in the 1970s.

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