Traitor or Patriot

This is a great explanation of what Justice Roberts actually ruled concerning the affordable care act(Obama health care). The ruling is broken down meticulously,and actually favors We the People.

Published on Dec 9, 2013 by djsongbird1

So why do people take the Government Owned Media’s word for anything? Why are people not able to simply read a court ruling, look up the cited statutes and codes and discern for themselves what the ruling really means? Wake up and do it America. This ruling IS NOT WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN LEAD TO BELIEVE IT IS! AND ONLY WE THE PEOPLE CAN ENFORCE IT!!! AND by the way GET THAT SMART METER OFF YOUR HOME or at the very least check out the MANY ways to neutralize it which can be found on the internet….… AND after that if at all possible get your children out of the reach of public schools and child protective services no matter what state you are in! THEY ARE THE GREAT NATURAL RESOURCE of this country and are being taken in droves and mind warped and indoctrinated right under your noses.

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