Trencher Alert

The conference call in line board is not functioning, making it impossible to do the broadcast as Laura cannot automatically mute callers has they call in.

In the beginning of the program if you heard, some son of a bitch had their phone on speaker to cause a feedback and refused the mute, so no doubt this was on purpose.  And hey, you mother f-ker, some shitty little trick like this you might try because you are a balless gutless son of a bitch who would never face anyone man to man.

We will find out how to fix this and talk to you tomorrow. 


We have contacted the provider and it is not their website, but rather our individual account.  They gave us an estimated time to fix it in as much as 48 hours.  Seems the new phone system is working perfectly, huh?

This morning, Swifty Lomax sent me a new song by Kid Rock.  Misty later sent the same song.  The song is called, “We the People”.  After listening to it, I went to find out just who Kid Rock is and he sure as f-k was not raised in any Po-Dunk.  He has in fact been part of the ruling elite all his f-king life.  His brethren in the Trumptard hijacker crew no doubt are the reason for the bullshit song.

I will leave you with the information I found and tell you this, the rap aside, Kid Rock music was some of my favorite but I have already busted every CD and erased every file with his music on it.  I cannot listen to Richie Rich any more.  I cannot understand the pronunciation of his words with his tongue up Donald the King of the Jews Trump’s ass.

Anyway, here is some of the information I found on this mother f-ker, that like his buddy Trump, pretends to be just one of the people.  And to those who think they are going to hijack the power they couldn’t build, I’ll tell you, I also have the right to say f-k you, it’s not going to happen, so give it up.

From Wikipedia:

Kid Rock was born Robert James Ritchie in Romeo, Michigan, on January 17, 1971, the son of Susan and William Ritchie, who owned multiple car dealerships. He was raised in his father’s 5,628-square-foot home on a 6-acre property, where he regularly helped his family pick apples and care for their horses.

Politics and views

Ritchie is a supporter of the Republican Party, although he has routinely proclaimed himself as libertarian philosophically, stating he has socially liberal views on topics like abortion and gay marriage but conservative views on economics. Ritchie has advocated legalizing and taxing marijuanacocaine, and heroin. He has also stated, “I don’t think crazy people should have guns.” He was a vocal supporter of American military involvement in the Iraq War. Ritchie has met with presidents Bill ClintonBarack Obama, and Donald Trump while they were in office.[82][113][114] Regarding his political views, Ritchie said, “I have friends everywhere. Democrat, Republican, this that and the other. […] We’re all human beings first, Americans second. Let’s find some common ground and get along.” However, during his speech at the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony, he stated that he wanted to “body slam some Democrats”.

Ritchie supported Bill Clinton and George W. Bush during their presidencies. In 2008, Ritchie supported newly elected President Barack Obama, saying that the president’s election was “a great thing for black people.”[116] In 2012, Ritchie campaigned for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney; the candidate used Ritchie’s song “Born Free” as his campaign theme. In 2015, Ritchie publicly endorsed Ben Carson for the Republican nomination for President of the United States in the 2016 election. In February 2016, he voiced approval for Donald Trump’s campaign for the same office.[110] In September, Kid Rock was criticized for allegedly saying “fuck Colin Kaepernick” during a live performance at Fenway Park of his song “Born Free“. In December, Kid Rock sparked controversy for selling vulgar T-shirts supporting Trump at concerts, including one showing a map of the United States which labelled the states which had voted against Trump as “Dumbfuckistan”.

On July 12, 2017, Ritchie shared a photo of a “Kid Rock for US Senate” yard sign on Twitter. He also launched a website at, which sold merchandise bearing that inscription. Several weeks later, he wrote a post on his blog stating that he was still “exploring my candidacy”, and that, whether or not he ran, he wanted to register people to vote, because “although people are unhappy with the government, too few are even registered to vote or do anything about it.” He added that he wanted “to help working class people in Michigan and America all while still calling out these jackass lawyers who call themselves politicians.” His statements sparked media speculation that he would try to run on the Republican ticket against sitting Michigan senator Debbie Stabenow, as well as enthusiasm from some prominent Republicans, including former New York Governor George Pataki, who wrote on Twitter, “Kid Rock is exactly the kind of candidate the GOP needs right now.” In an October 2017 interview with Howard Stern, Ritchie put an end to the speculation, saying that he had never intended to run for Senate, adding rhetorically, “Who couldn’t figure that out?”. He later clarified that the campaign was a joke that he had started after a Michigan state legislator encouraged him to run for Senate. He expressed surprise at the interest his potential candidacy had received, but also disappointment that some opposed to his candidacy had brought up his previous use of the Confederate flag to label him a racist. He donated the $122,000 he had raised by selling “Kid Rock for U.S. Senate” merchandise to a voter registration group.

9 thoughts on “Trencher Alert

  1. Fck Kid Rock
    He can’t even write his own songs
    Poser is what we call him
    Even in his own state
    And yes Henry he’s been dipped in mammon his whole life

    Ritchie blows wherever the money flows

  2. Only your account…. How typical… Guess the upgraded system is working as intended?
    Hope there is a worthwhile replacement if this continues. I don’t often get to listen live I usually download and listen later in the day, which is the main reason I haven’t engaged with you….but frankly, I basically agree with every thing you say, and surely you don’t need audio conformation of me nodding after everything you say

  3. Kid Rock
    Never did like the plastic fk
    Nothing but a Mammon chasing fool
    You can see it in him
    He’s probably out there plooking Neil Young.
    The only talent the scrote has is sampling from others.
    If he ain’t a kike, he’s swallowed enough of their hotdog juice to have it in him.
    Wasted my time commenting when scratching my ass would have proven wiser.

  4. Sorry, Henry. This is why we can’t have nice things. Sorry is what these scumbag commies and their stooges is what they’re gonna be.

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