Trencher Alert

For those still having issues getting to the site without the ssl warning, you may need to clear your cache.  Alternatively, you can simply remove the s from the end of the http in the url.

Hopefully this will counter the attack.

2 thoughts on “Trencher Alert

  1. Thanks for the post, Henry. Last week for a few days I had to deal with this crapola, but when I disabled my MacAfee anti-virus software, no problems. I think after John MacAfee died a couple of years ago, that company went woke, and I when my subscription expires I will no longer use MacAfee. And FTTWR isn’t the only site MacAfee has prevented me from viewing either. Not using Norton, either!

  2. Must be all these so-called “updates” on these browsers.
    Alternately, use the IP address, which is direct connect (which circumvents the DNS service). The IP Address is (which, coincidently, is at the bottom of the main page):

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