2 thoughts on “Trencher Alert

  1. This site is THE Bill of Rights site. The Bill of Rights is The Supreme Law of the Land, OUR Land. It is also the solution to our troubles, our challenges, deceptions, enslavements, poisonings, murderings. Without this site, there is NO TEMPLATE laid out for us to utilize to assure either freedom or even survival. Wanna live? Do all you can to support this site. Wanna live FREE? Do all you can to support this site. Survival and Freedom are no small things to lose.


    1. I thought I wasn’t gonna be pissed today, but I was wrong. Only an hour in and I was bombarded with levels of tyranny and debauchery I hadn’t seen before. Just when you think it can’t escalate any more than it has, it does. I know many here are doing what they can. Today, to live is to fight.

      Pissed, indeed. But then something came along to help me feel a little better:


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