Trencher Alert: The shit we have to deal with

Here are a couple of emails we received this morning, the first was sent at 3:04 am:

Dear Henry Shilvey,

My name is Ben Keller. I’m a journalist who previously worked for the Maven, and PINAC news. As of December 7, 2021, I am demanding that you cease and desist publishing the work you’ve plagiarized on your website from the trenches world report. FYI, I recently signed with the Round Table Media company, a sister company of the Maven, and I will be informing their legal department of your perpetual plagiarism, which includes not only articles stolen from myself, but also articles stolen from the Free Thought Project and others, who are also newly partnered with Round Table media.

I am demanding that you cease and desist publishing any future content written by myself. Additionally, I am demanding that you remove each and every article from your website written by me.

Like I said, I’ll be forwarding this information onto the legal department at the round table, and file a lawsuit within the appropriate federal court for monetary damages.

Additionally, if the situation is not remedied in a reasonable amount of time, I’ll also be reporting the plagiarism to google, etcetera.

Thank You for you immediate attention regarding this matter.

Ben Keller

Here is the second email sent at 3:59 am

Hello Mr. Shivley,

So I gather you likely won’t be responding to my request by taking down my work. And I gather you probably won’t respond with a coherent reply in regards to copyright/plagiarism laws, because it doesn’t seem you are aware of how that works, how what you’re doing is essentially theft, etc. You claim to be an author, but I haven’t found anything on your site that you’ve actually written yourself. It’s surprising more people haven’t gone pursued legal action similar to what Chris Sadowski filed against you … and won by the way.

I’m prepared to retain the services of attorney Mathew Higbee.

I can respect what you’re trying to do on some level. But on another level what you’re doing is stealing. Theres no way around that fact. And it seems like you feel entitled to do so.

I hope you take this matter seriously and at the very least, at least stop plagiarizing my work, and remove it from your site ASAP.

If not, well, then, I guess we’ll just have to see what a judge says about that.


And here is my response sent at 8:03 am after we had removed all the PINAC News articles that we could find:

Mr. Keller,

We have never had a problem taking down anybody’s articles or videos who do not want them on our site. All it takes is a simple request.
You see, we are a discussion site. Our readers send in the articles they wish to discuss and we discuss them. Once we’ve discussed them, I don’t care if they stay up another day.

I think you had better read that Mandamus again, especially the supposed order from the judge. Just typing in your name is not a signature, electronic or otherwise.

Any time Matthew Higbee wants to try and attack me again, he is welcome to give her a go. It is all done by fucking computers and bots. He had two more that he “was going to sue me for” and when it reached the point where a human being was taking a look at the paper work they were promptly withdrawn.

As to my own contribution to this site, I have written over two thousand articles, free for anyone to copy. I wrote them under my own name and two pseudonyms, Rick Bronson and Rachel Cohen.

I will be contacting Carlos Miller, founder of PINAC News, letting him know that all the PINAC News articles have been removed and why. And I will be showing your emails and my response on the front page of From the Trenches so that every reader will know that your interest is not in the cause for freedom and liberty, but rather for mammon. I’m sure that will dissuade them from reading anything you write again.

If you can find anything else you have wrote on this site that we missed in removing, do let me know and it will be taken down immediately.
Many authors, even ones writing for other sites, send us their articles themselves because they want to see what the people in the jungle on the front lines think about their work.

And don’t you ever threaten me again, you son of a bitch.

Henry Shivley
(By that way that is not an electronic signature, it is just my name.)

Update: We sent a copy of the first email to Matt Agorist over at The Free Thought Project and asked him if he wanted us to take down their articles.

Here is his reply:

Hi Henry, you can certainly keep any and all articles of ours posted on
your website. We want the information to get out, we only ask that you
credit us as the source.

Best regards,


23 thoughts on “Trencher Alert: The shit we have to deal with

  1. Dirty maggots… at least they out themselves for future prosecutions by we the people once our courts are reestablished…TFP has some honor at least…!

  2. Does he not know that every single article posted at The Trenches gives the link to the source page, and the source page reveals and thus credits the author? Stupid question when it’s realized that this is just a ganging up on Henry for bringing the truth from a platform of deep and uncompromising integrity.

    Henry and Laura, so sorry you have to put up with this and use your precious time and energy to clear the path of anything in the way of your important work. Henry, that was a strong response you wrote; you nailed it on the “mammon” aspect. Carry on friends. You are loved, valued, respected!!


  3. (((ben keller))) showing his true agenda with false pedantic accusations.

    Everything is linked and credited by FTTWR to the original author and anyone who doesn’t know that is either retarded or full of shite. There’s NEVER been any confusion regarding that and the insinuation only reveals what he’s all about and it ain’t the truth. It’s agenda and mammon, just as Henry pointed out.

  4. Well There another one to add to the list. Im so glad i bought a case of LEGAL pads to make the list with because it grows so fast its hard to keep up. Guys, and I use that term loosely here , must be one miserable bastid if this is all they have to do. A true communist sympathizer has crawled out from under a rock.

  5. wow! less than one hour and he sent a second email?
    I bet he gets all clingy when the prostitute has to go back to work.

    As for round table and this Ben cnut, who? Pretty sure you don’t actually matter. I’d only read your junk to find all the times YOU actually plagiarized a real author. Not to mention all the times you sound like a whiny b!tch.

    1. Right? Send a message in the wee small hours of the morning via email and doesn’t get an immediate response so starts threatening with kosher mouthpieces in unlawful courts? Sounds like her thong is riding up her twat and aunt flo is coming to town.

  6. HAHAHAHAHA! TJB! This pathetic jew is fully living up to its reputation of being a little pussy bitch who always gets others to fight its battles for it. “I’ll… I’ll… I’ll get my lawyer onto you! Take that!” Just imagine it standing in front of you by itself trying that shit on LMFAO!!! And plagiarism? Isn’t that the absolute definition of jewish “success”? Albert Einstein – PERFECT example! F*ck off (((Keller))) you f*cking lightweight POS!

  7. On my author/book site is a notice that permission is needed to post sections of my posts; however, WinterWatch, a great pop culture alternative news site (amongst other themes), posted the first part of one of my snippet posts for my trilogy relating to “suicide by doorknob” and other false scenarios relating to dead rock stars. But I commended them for posting it anyway, and posting it there garnered hundreds of views for my site and even book sales and downloads! So Henry, if you ever want to post something on FTTWR from the site, go right ahead. And thanks as always for the ads for my books!

    1. Hi DL. I fought with myself if I should say this or not, but then decided I had to: I don’t go to Russ Winter’s site but he’s been on Internet radio quite a bit lately and he’s in that camp of “I’m not calling for any violence.” I heard him say it a few times. Bone of contention with me ’cause he’s no help to us.


  8. Ridiculous. I can’t believe people stoop that low about an article. I’m an English graduate and I could care a less in this instance. People need to get a life. It’s not like you’re claiming the article as your own. You literally give the article link and even put the author’s name there with it. Nowhere does it say you took responsibility for writing any of it. It wouldn’t bother me one bit.

  9. Time to send more support for the legal defense fund? Ramp up the donations?
    Got to keep Henry and this site going.

  10. They really don’t like what’s being said here. One of the only places that puts you on the path to freedom and liberty.

  11. when something goes wrong in the circus , they send in the clowns to distract the audience

    somethings gone wrong alright
    the clowns are running the asylum

  12. Reading this and all I can do is grit my teeth, this is how they try and suppress information, by demanding it be taken down, erased and thus in true George Orwell 1984 fashion: deny that is ever existed afterwords. I dont even talk to anyone anymore, I just grit my teeth harder and want to tie more ropes to trees. This has gotten so far f-king out of hand it is beyond sickening, they publish this crap on the internet where anyone and everyone can copy and paste it to spread it far and wide… Then when it does, scream foul.

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