Trump and Kissinger Discuss Realpolitik – by Stephen Lendman

In November, US voters get to choose between two deplorable business as usual presidential aspirants – a billionaire demagogue v. a war criminal/Wall Street tool, both hugely anti-populist.

There’s no hope for responsible change under Trump or Clinton after 16 devastating Bush/Obama years – the most ruthless administrations in US history, responsible for endless wars of aggression and creeping homeland tyranny, heading toward becoming full-blown. 

On Wednesday, Trump met privately with Henry Kissinger in New York, a longtime unindicted war criminal as national security advisor, then secretary of state during the Nixon/Ford years.

The scope of his high crimes were breathtaking, including:

around four million slaughtered during America’s Southeast Asian wars;

undermining Paris peace talks on the eve of the 1968 election to help Richard Nixon defeat Hubert Humphrey.

the bloody overthrow of Chile’s democratic government and support for Latin American despots;

aiding Suharto’s takeover of West Papua and invasion of East Timor, slaughtering hundreds of thousands;

backing Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge early reign of terror rise to power;

support for Pakistan’s overthrow of Bangladesh’s democratically elected government, causing half a million deaths; and

other crimes during the Nixon/Ford years.

At age 92, Kissinger remains influential, advising Democrats and Republicans alike on geopolitical issues. Meeting with him instead of peace champions suggests a Trump administration would continue America’s deplorable imperial agenda, responsible for millions of post-9/11 deaths alone.

Last week, he met with House Speaker Paul Ryan, other GOP lawmakers and former Republican secretary of state James Baker. In Senate testimony last week, Baker contradicted his view of NATO as “obsolete,” turning truth on its head, saying:

“We’ve got a lot of problems today but you’d have a hell of a lot more if that was the case. NATO has been the foundation and the base for peace and stability in Europe and on the Eurasian Continent.”

US-dominated NATO is a killing machine responsible for endless wars, related violence, support for terrorism and chaos.

Trump earlier chose Republican hardliner, scandal-ridden, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to head his transition team.

He named extremist former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani his choice to head Homeland Security (America’s Gestapo) in his administration if elected.

In early May, he chose former Goldman Sachs partner, current Dune Capital Management CEO Steven Mnuchin as his presidential campaign finance chairman.

Insiders he’s chosen so far show his administration if elected president will replicate preceding ones.

America’s rage for world dominance is the greatest threat to world peace. Expect endless wars of aggression to continue no matter who succeeds Obama. Humanity’s fate hangs in the balance.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at

His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

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4 thoughts on “Trump and Kissinger Discuss Realpolitik

    1. Just ask yourself the question, you who are blindly grazing in america’s pastures, is voting an act of stupidity or an act of treason?

      1. Answer- stupid treason.

        14th amm. states that in order to vote one must “participate in the rebellion.”

        Treason, yes definitely.

  1. Thank you Lendman for exposing this dog and pony show…Trump of course is finally showing his true colors, but will the idiots who plan to vote for this wannabe psychopath (aka narcissist) pay attention? Since Lendman didn’t mention this I might as well…Kissinger set in motion as part of Operation Gladio the murder of Italian PM Aldo Moro in the late 70s, plus he arranged the so-called marriage between Evelyn de Rothschild and Lynn Forester, who just so happens to have set up a $100,000 dollar a plate fundraiser for Hillary.

    ANYONE who still thinks (after meeting Kissinger and visiting Israel) Trump is going to “save” the US likely will at some point willingly put themselves in a FEMA Camp…where they belong?

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