6 thoughts on “Trump/Kissinger Metting

  1. Boy, Donald, you said your were gonna drain the swamp, but you never mentioned filling it back up with the same stinky, slimy, rotten water!

  2. Wow! He’s sounding more and more everyday like Barry after he was selected for president. He’s so paid off and controlled, it’s not even funny and the stupid sheeple think he will do something for them. What a joke.

    Hey sheeple, remember Barry beating Hillary and after all of that fuss with her, he decides to “bury the hatchet” and make her his Secretary of State, thus making the election worthless since both won anyways? The same thing is happening with Donnie’s group here. Cruz, Kissinger, Gulianni, and maybe even Newt.

    Are you all still blind?


  3. Kissinger: “You will need to do these things I tell you to do.”
    Trump: “Yes master. Thank you master.”
    Kissinger: “Now go.”
    Trump: “Ummm…but this is my office.”
    Kissinger: “Not anymore. Question my authority again and I shall have you vivisected.”
    Trump: “Yes master. Sorry master.”

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