Tucker slams outdoor mask mandates, questions justification

Fox News

Apr. 27, 2021 – 15:29 – ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host breaks down the harmful impacts of strict coronavirus restrictions, mandates.

5 thoughts on “Tucker slams outdoor mask mandates, questions justification

  1. First of all, I’m not a “citizen”. Secondly, the reason none of these treasonous Communist politicians have any authority to issue “mask mandates” or any other illegal “orders” is because it is forbidden by the Bill of Rights.

  2. What a great job ole Tucker Fkr has done, Validating that The Corona Virus -19 “Exists”…No evidence to be found that it does…. The Annual Flu has disappeared

    And yet, his quotes and sources are all premised that Covid-19 exists in the first place.

    I guess he’s seen the Actual evidence somewhere, cause a whole shit load of Top “Semi-Honest” Doctors are saying this has Zero evidence of being isolated.

  3. So, riddle me this: masks have stopped seasonal flu and are great deterrents of spreading Covid 19, but pneumonia cases are on the rise. Am I missing something? Are there biased masks that have been not advertised?!

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