Two Dead, 6 Injured After Terrifying Shootout In West Houston

ABC News 13

According to Houston police, it started as a shooting in progress call at 13200 Memorial Drive at around 10:15am. When an officer arrived, at least one of the suspects began firing. More units and a SWAT team were called in and a perimeter was set up around the scene.

At some point, one of the suspects was shot and killed, apparently by the other suspect. That other suspect was then shot by a SWAT team. The second suspect was taken to the hospital in unknown condition.  

During the shooting, one citizen was shot and killed and two Precinct 5 deputy constables were also shot. One of the deputy constables was saved by his vest. The other was shot in the hand and is expected to be OK.

Three other citizens were wounded in the shootout. At this point, we don’t know any of their conditions.

12 thoughts on “Two Dead, 6 Injured After Terrifying Shootout In West Houston

  1. “A terrifying shootout…”

    oh, so it was not the other kind?

    “One of those deceased is a suspect and the other is a citizen.”

    So the suspect was not a citizen?

    After the second sentence I stopped reading as it was obviously written by a moron.

    1. I agree
      And when things can’t be told straight out , you know it’s a lie
      I smell BS

  2. A high power AR-15! I got a Mini-14. A mini can’t be high powered. Can it? I predict two “white/hispanics” done it.

  3. This is so riddled with catch phrases and propaganda… Also, note they did not give one iota of ACTUAL information on what happened, just strings of political jargon while telling everyone: “Gunfight. The end.”

  4. *** According to HPD, one of the suspects had a high-powered weapon, believed to be an AR-15. ***

    As others have pointed out, an AR-15 isn’t a “high-powered weapon.” At least not unless it’s chambered in something like .50 Beowulf.

    *** Police say the suspect even fired at a police helicopter. ***

    Too bad that didn’t cause it to crash.

    1. If you click the gifs on the first link, it’s rather odd they “detonated” the backpack he reportedly wore, left it but then returned to eventually investigate it. Doesn’t look too exploded to me and the raucous laughter strikes me as really odd, as well.

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