Two hospital workers arrested for pedophilia, sexually abusing young patients

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Two hospital workers were arrested on suspicion of pedophilia, with one of them accused of having performed sexual acts on a child less than a year old, according to Hebrew media reports on Tuesday. 

Oren Chananayev, 28, from Kiryat Yam, and Daniel Yaakov, 25, from Ramat Gan, were both found in possession of large quantities of pedophilic material, which was revealed as a result of an ongoing criminal hearing in the Tel Aviv District Court, Channel 12 reported.

Chananayev worked as a nurse in Haifa’s Rambam Medical Center, where he allegedly filmed himself sexually assaulting a baby under the age of a year.

Yaakov, who was employed by Sheba Medical Center as a janitor, was arrested last month in his Ramat Gan home, with police seizing large amounts of pedophilic material, as well as records of conversations with other pedophiles.

In Yaakov’s locker at the medical center east of Tel Aviv, police found more illicit material on a cellular device and in a notebook. According to Channel 12, police found “thousands” of photos and videos in Yaakov’s possession, targeting adults, children and toddlers.

In one image found by police, a young girl is unknowingly photographed with her lower half exposed as she waits to enter the surgery room.

It was conversations between Yaakov and Chananayev, found by police, that led to the latter’s arrest. In one exchange between the pair, Chananayev advised Yaakov regarding drugs that can be used to sedate a child and reduce the victim’s resistance.

In another conversation, the pair devise games that can be played with the children to serve as a cover for performing sexual acts on the victim.

Like Yaakov, Chananayev was found with thousands of piece of illicit material, including a photo of an exposed woman taken during surgery, as well as a video of himself performing sexual acts on a doll.

According to the Ynet news site, Chananayev’s employer, the Rambam Medical Center, said: “It should be emphasized that the accused presented a police document in 2020 attesting to his clean record regarding sexual assault and criminal history, like every person who seeks to work in an Israeli hospital.

“Rambam Medical Center did not have all the information or any existing suspicion at the time of the arrest.”

The pair remain in custody, with multiple Hebrew language media outlets reporting that police are hoping to keep the accused behind bars for the duration of the legal proceedings.

Times of Israel

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  1. Doesn’t the Talmud say Jews can only rape children over 3? And were these victims somehow related to gentiles? Because if the victims are gentiles then rape is just fine with Talmudic Jewry! So these dudes might actually find themselves in prison for quite a while if the victims are Jewish….hmmmmm…..

    1. Yep. They can rape anyone they want, as long as it is not another Jew. Under the age of 3 it is not rape because when the child grows up, it doesn’t remember how its genital organs became so messed up. Take a lil’ lookie at the pictures of the CDC CEOs and the CEOs of the big pharma corporations. Imagine the rapist and the 4 year old rapee. Now, can you imagine if the rapist became the rapee of those 2 rapists at the hospital? On one hand, in a vindictive sort of way, the answer would be yes, but on the other hand, not a chance. Who, in their right mind, would go anywhere near any one of them with a 10 foot pole, other than to shove it up their ass and make a lawn ornament out of them?

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