5 thoughts on “Go ahead and take that vaccine

  1. “Since the Jews are the highest and most cultured people on earth, the Jews have a right to subordinate to themselves the rest of mankind and to be the masters over the whole earth.”
    — Rabbi Harry Waton, 1939, from his book, ‘A Program for the Jews.’


    1. “In order to control the opposition, we must lead it ourselves.” -Vladimir Lenin

      In February, they will be doing another Freedom Convoy. This one will be global. The one they put on last winter was led by Dave Steenburg of Toronto. He was the first to get arrested. Masonic symbology and gematria is written all over it. Joachim Bartoll, whom I discovered through a link here at the Trenches is a great source of the knowledge I am acquiring and now sharing.

    2. I am going down the list of names to put a face to each name. I am interested in knowing what the enemy looks like.

  2. just imagine if that entire list was… “republicans”?? or Catholics or Muslims or.. frikin Giraffes!!?? that list would be decimated if it was ANY ONE OTHER group.. THAT is what people need to wrap their head around.. like when Jesse Watters read those despicable quotes to college kids and they were dumbfounded to find out they were obama and hillary quotes!?? it was just awful when they thought a “white man” said it!

    1. Tell me, Mike, what does any of this race baiting I’ve been reading have to do with American nationals enforcing the Bill of Rights or with the Bill of Rights what so f-king ever?
      I’ll tell you what, not a goddamn thing.
      We know who our f-king enemy is.
      The Bill of Rights is what we are trying to get out there.
      Tell me how this divisive race baiting furthers that goal to any degree.
      If I continue to see comments based on race instead of the Bill of Rights, I will take those comments down. Any and all differences between any and all of us can be settled with the implementation of the Bill of Rights.
      And you know what? F-k Republicans. F-k Democrats. F-k race baiting and every other divisive technique used, it will not be here.

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