U.S. Troops In Neighboorhood Streets Fully Armed

Libertarian Review  The photo shown at left was taken by a subscriber in the city of Crookston, MN from the front porch of her suburban home.  No, the men pictured aren’t from the local high school’s J.R.O.T.C sqaud – they are in fact trained soldiers serving in the Minnessota National Guard, Unit 2-136 CAB / B Company. Now, I have never personally been to Crookston (although I’m sure it’s lovely), but I’m relatively confident that they are located on domestic soil, and unless I am missing something, the citizens of Crookston weren’t dealing with any natural disaster at the time this haunting snapshot into the coming police state was taken.

No, what was actually going on that morning was a “training exercise” involving a quiet neighborhood that probably isn’t that different from your own. Being the patriot that she is, Maggie decided it might be a good idea to start asking some questions. Nothing too difficult, mainly just what the hell they were doing walking fully armed down a street regularly used to facilitate the innocent pastimes of all American kids.

Glancing at her briefly one Soldier responded, “Just training Ma’am. Joining up with another patrol at the rally point.”

Not accepting this as a reasonable answer to her inquiry, Magge went on, “Oh, ok. What are you training on the streets of town for exactly?”

At that the young soldier replied, “To be honest ma’am, I don’t know.”

The reason for his domestic training exercise that morning might be unknown to him, but sadly this is not only just another indicator of the uncertain times ahead, but also a revealing indicator of how worried the Feds are of a possible outbreak of civil insurrections across the nation.

A few weeks back, I wrote a short piece detailing a few disturbing government purchases, including 450 million rounds of hollow point bullets (keep in mind the total population of the U.S. is 311,591,917), reinforced vehicle check-points, and hundreds of armored ‘civil-tanks’ by the Department of Homeland Security. Around the same time, the U.S Army was stockpiling anti-radiation pills and our President was issuing executive orders that essentially would eliminate the requirement of an actual emergency to declare Martial Law and seize any goods or property it deems necissary including authorizing forced labor of the citizens.

With this recent development, it is becoming increasingly apparent that a violent scenario has the potential of manifesting in the country I love – the country I would give my life to preserve for my younger countrymen, and since hollow point bullets are specifically designed to kill, the state has made its’ position alarmingly clear.

Well let me make myself clear: I would gladly die on my feet rather than live on my knees.

33 thoughts on “U.S. Troops In Neighboorhood Streets Fully Armed

  1. Hollow point bullets are:
    (1) Violation of the Geneva Conventions. They were OUTLAWED after troops started Xing their rounds in WWI. Look up “DUM DUM” bullets.
    they are DESIGNED to MAIM and create atrocious wounds. Solid core, FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) bullets just make a piecing hole.
    (2) Used against UNarmored personnel. Body armor actually “prefers” hollow points. Armor-piecing, solid core bullets, piece body armor. DUMDUMS mush out and penetrate LESS.
    (3) Thus we are led to the conclusion the plan is to attack UNarmored CIVILIAN Personnel, NOT “Enemy Combatants” that would wear armor.

    1. Very good points.

      Logic would dictate that soft, fragile rounds like hollow points wouldn’t do very much good against armored personnel and armored vehicles, but against unarmored personnel and unarmored vehicles it would be the ammunition of choice.

      I still think the soldiers that decide to play along with the plans of the government are nothing more than food for a very hungry and pissed off god. This ‘war’ isn’t going to be fought or won via the manner all wars prior have been fought and won – i.e. using overwhelming force applied by a large number of savage idiots. Times are changing which means methods must change, and the method of maintaining power by unleashing large numbers of violent dumb asses onto those that wish true freedom is like the method of dinosaur which keeps doing the same thing while the environment around it is rapidly changing. And, we all know what happened to the dinosaurs…

    2. How many times have the Zionists violated the Geneva Convention? Who can count that high? They don’t care what they violate. They just go ahead and do it and get the mainstream press to censor any journalist who would want to expose it.

      I have what happened to the journalist who tried to expose some aspect of 9/11. He was fired so fast that he didn’t even have time to pick up his severance check.

      I sign peace most of the time, because we had a president who wanted that. We know him better as John F. Kennedy. I exposed that, because no one censors me and gets away with it and I mean no one!


      Arlene Johnson

      1. Peaceful my ass…..JF’ingK and LBJ cost this country more bloodshed getting us balls deep in the Vietnam “conflict” stop reading the revised history books and start using some common sense, or do the “zionists” inhibit y0ur freedom too much….I love how it’s so cool to be racist now just as long as the skin color is lighter then Obama’s….hypocrites

        1. I agree with the racist statement. As long as it is whiter than Obama;s skin. HAAAHAA I am a mixed race myself but not of african american descent and being mixed I still do not give a damn if someone calls me racist. I probably am, I do not like ignorance, entitlement abusers, welfare and abortingamerican users. I am a conservative, moral independant, with a high string of republican and democrat ties in my family. Over all I am awake and I do not like seeing what I fear is to come. It is already happening. IMPEACH OBAMA IMPEACH!

        2. Read NSAM 263. Kennedy wanted every last troop out of Vietnam. It’s one of numerous reasons why he was assassinated. The moment that LBJ was in the White House, he rescinded NSAM 263. Look it up. Don’t take my word for it. Also Kennedy inherited Vietnam from that terrible Swedish Jew Eisenhower. It says terrible Swedish Jew in his West Point Year book. Wake up and read documented history. That’s what I publish at the icon that says Magazine on my site which is http://www.truedemocracy.net

  2. So, what you say is that these bullets, these dum dums, will not go through car doors and walls and windows as readily as the solid bullets would, but they will destroy flesh and bone. Now, it becomes obvious where those things will be used.

    1. Not totally correct, a hollow point bullet/dum-dum bullet will go through your car doors, walls of your house, windows and still hit you, maim and otherwise kill you. In any normal setting of day to day life.

  3. I can’t believe how stupid Americans are these days.


    This is what they have lined up for you guys, and this is how the 400 million rounds of .40Cal are going to be used.

    Can’t you smell the stench of jewish communism already? gees. Ah, maybe because they own all the media and Americans are waiting for them to show this video on their tv networks saying “Hey Americans, this is what we are going to do to you!”……

    You know what, they could do that and people wouldn’t even blink. So sad to see.

    American kids are being used as cannon fodder by jewish bankers and corporations to make money, and bring about their new world order.

  4. The logical response to stupid d&%k shaking on command like this is for everyone to respond by climbing up on their roofs and brandishing rifles, pistols, etc. This a-hole intimidation like this started when the morons of America voted in Bush43. My guess is that he and Bush41 are still calling the shots.

    1. I suggest that you take an extended refresher course of World History and re-learn as to exactly when “this started”.

    2. Obama admitted on a YouTube that he is related to Cheney, and Lynne Cheney stated on another YouTube that Obama is related to Bush and Cheney and how they are related. All this took place BEFORE the 2008 election. So in some sense you’re right. However, MHartmann is correct too, because it didn’t start with Bush and Cheney. It started at the beginning of the country, because Thomas Jefferson was Illuminati. That’s why he wanted public schools.

      If you read http://www.truedemocracy.net/td4/01-editorial.html you will see what I feel about the public school superintendents and their staffs, people who could have kept our Republic, but who do not because of who controls education at all levels.

      There is much more that I could say, but will close now.


      Arlene Johnson

      1. Arlene,
        You are obviously a highly intelligent woman, but our country is not a democracy. Not now, not then, not ever. We are a Republic with an emphasis on individual freedoms and liberties. Any collective through socialism, communism, or even democracy is repugnant to the ideal of the individual.
        Our forefathers warned us of the dangers of democracy and as the traitors who put together the Federal Reserve in 1913 and then bankrupted us in 1933 put a democracy in power under a secret government, well we are now seeing the results thereof.
        You have a really good website, how about changing the name to “TrueRepublic.net”?
        God bless our Republic!

        1. Thank you for clarifying that,Henry ,as you are absolutely correct.Again.And although I despise short sentences I know that”again” worked for me in that particular one.Carry on,my friend.

        2. Dear Henry,

          A rose by any other name would smell just as sweet, or should I say just the same. I even referred to our country as a Republic in what I wrote, so you could have read that and known that I knew that our Founding Fathers didn’t establish a democracy.

          But you want to know something? The 17th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution changed the way that U.S. Senators were selected. Prior to 17, each state selected its senators to serve the state’s interest in Washington D.C. But with 17, it changed to be that they would be elected by the people of the state. That turned the United States into a democracy.

          Now, the United States is a dictatorship because Bush signed the Military Commissions Act of 2006 establishing himself as a dictator, and Obama has not rescinded it at all since Obama is related to Bush and Cheney. So the United States is a dictatorship now. How does that strike you. Benjamin Franklin said to a woman who wanted to know what kind of a government they had created, “We have given you a Republic…if you can keep it.”

          I have had http://www.truedemocracy.net since 1999. It is indexed in Google as either True Democracy or The Journal of History, which the LIbrary of Congress gave me permission to change effective with my 8th edition. So for me to change it now would not be productive at all. People who know me, know that I disseminate documented top secret history and future. I would also have to change my business cards, and that would cost me a pretty penny.

          1. Your analogy is quite correct. The fact is the 17th Amendment was ratified in 1913 in coalition with creation of the Federal Reserve, followed by the US bankruptcy of 1933, wherein the banksters, who put our country in receivership, declared the Republic no more and by dictate instituted the Democracy.
            However, under Title 50 US Code which accomplished the bankruptcy, we the people were never supposed to be responsible for any debt incurred by the government. Not to mention the fact that the debt we went bankrupt on was so menial in comparison to our resources that the fraud the bankruptcy represents, shines like a new penny.
            In short, our Constitution was altered without the Constitutional Convention required to do so. Therefore the Democracy is a fraud that has been milking out our wealth ever since and it is not only our right but our duty as nationals of this country to abolish this fraudulent government and reinstate our Republic.
            As for your site name, all apologies for any aspersions in reference to your status as a patriot. I completely understand how you have become committed to your original site name.
            Anyway, the best of luck to you and keep up the good fight.

  5. when TSHTF, the corrupt regime will collapse like a soggy stack of wet playing cards.

    just watch them flee to Paraguay to the Bush compound. just watch.

    none of the scum in power has the balls to stand and fight to defend their zioturd masters. not one of them. not one.

  6. Americans presidents aren’t elected, they’re selected. Has been for quite a while now. The mistake people make is that they actually believe the MSM and government. There is nothing coming out of government agencies that have anything that looks like the truth. And if they do use the truth, they use it in the form of propaganda…

    The international banksters have taken off their velvet glove and unless things change, we’re going to see the iron glove…

    You want all this vile and sociopathic behavior to go away? Well, one way to start the ball rolling is to end the Federal Reserve, shut down the Council on Foreign Relations, Tri Lateral Commission, the UN…in fact all secret societies would also help….especially the Vatican.

      1. We need to turn back to the True God of the Bible. Turning to Jesus instead of the religions of secular humanism, ‘new age’ and other pagan religions that are destroying our kids. Without God…we have made the ‘government’ the religion, the state religion. Communism has taken over folks. Most of the government in charge are corrupt and have no morals. No wonder this country is going to hell. ” Jesus said., and I was a catholic 45 years ago and left the place…Jesus said, ” I am the way the Life and the Truth and no man comes to the Father but by me” well…truth sure isn’t in government, but lies are. Instead of life is in this country we are experiencing death. We sure have lost our way and heading downward instead of up. Washington simply ignores the original U.S. Constitution and the bill of rights. We need to get those evil ones out. God help us! Only He can…if we get our real faith back from the Bible. my ancestors fought in the American Revolutionary War and I am proud of them. Much of the government is working for the NWO. ( just like Hitler) ” Is anything too hard for the Lord?”Pray folks!

  7. While American soldiers abroad look forward to a foreign war ending, paid mercenaries may view it—as terminating their employment. U.S. corporate mercenaries are paid extremely well by U.S. Government to provide security in Afghanistan and other countries. It is problematic that U.S. mercenary corporations may attempt before or after the U.S. withdraws from Iraq and Afghanistan to secure contracts from the Obama Government to provide private security forces in U.S. Cities. Should the American Economy worsen there could be riots in major U.S. Cities, more violent than Greece. Legally there appears to be nothing Americans could do to stop U.S. Government deploying “American Citizens that are Mercenaries” on U.S. soil. Mercenaries could assist the “National Police Stabilization Force” Obama suggested that was allegedly mentioned in a NGO Rand Corporation Report provided the U.S. Army. U.S. Corporate Mercenaries might assist a National Homeland Security Force. Because Mercenary Corporations have influential lobbyists in D.C., Americans should stay vigilant to this concern.

  8. Imagine, if you will, such a scenario: As the last few representatives of the leadership of the military arm of the NWO arrive in Chicago, Washingtom,D.C. suddenly erupts in a mushroom cloud, incinerating the alleged Legitimate government of the United States of America. Though apparently stunned, the world governing body pledges to restore a new government for the people of North America.
    Film at 11.

  9. While these soldiers may be training, it has yet to be evidenced how they will behave if they are actually deployed to America’s cities, towns, and neighborhoods to quell a “domestic uprising”.

    I have suspicions that the alleged “domestic uprisings” will have a truly domestic origin. I think we’re being primed to beat each other silly in the streets and then, in our bloodied and spent state, the true foe will walk in and mop up.

    My guess is, with the foreign troops already on our soil, that groups like SPETZNAZ will be used to nullify any significant resistance within our own domestic military. Hence, why they are being trained in our tactics. Essentially, the opposing team is being handed our playbook.

    The unthinking and frightened line troops will then simply follow orders or desert (God, I pray they desert). Once the military is broken, it is a simple job of eliminating resistance within larger cities (look at all the gun control laws in place in certain localities) and gaining control. The countryside will be much more difficult to pacify, unless they resort to chem and bio agents.

    And don’t think that they won’t do it.

    1. Indeed,there needs to be suspicion as to why the Rothschilds’ knocked down the twin towers to send our military overseas to murder civilian populations in the middle east while further bankrupting our nation.And there needs to be healthy skepticism about how our rights were stolen by a bunch of sociopathic idiots like every president we’ve ever had outside of the ones who were assassinated.That’s why I say let’s just kill the Rothschilds,Collins’,Warburgs,Rockefellers’,on and on,realize that these chickenshit bastards have created as well as profited from war since time immemorial,come to our senses and try these individuals in a court of law like we do with marijuana smokers?It really doesn’t have as much to do with the president as with the people.After all no matter who’s president,you’re still going to be a person.If you’re a free one or a slave will still be a matter of opinion.Right?Wrong!You were born free and not because Baron Rothschild or lackey Obama told you so.You were born a free person as a part of the universe and don’t ever let anybody shit you that you weren’t.Freedom is yours to have,and respect is yours to cherish.For yourselves and your neighbors.On the other hand we still need barry soetorro and the Rothschild run federal reserve.HAAAAAA!

  10. YOU DON’T GET IT! “Jews” founded communism (http://tinyurl.com/JewsFoundedCommunismPeriod). “Jews” are running America (http://tinyurl.com/JewsAmericasWorstEnemies). COMMUNISM HASN’T CHANGED ITS MIND ABOUT CONTROLLING THE ENTIRE WORLD (http://100777.com/protocols). The Middle East was the last holdout. YOU have taken it over for the “jews”. YOU’RE TRAITORS!!! DEAN BERRY MINISTRIES: “When a government outlaws ‘terrorism’, it’s planning something for which ‘terrorism’ is the only recourse. Obviously.”

  11. Simple.Military home.U.N.out.Zionists deported to Israel.Constitution restored.Congress prints interest free money for its citizens.England is nuked under the sea with the Rothschilds’ on it.Save the beatles,particularily Lennon.Oh,I’m losing track of time.They all look like f#@king peasants to me.A working class hero is something to be.

  12. I met a crossdresser who was entertaining me once.
    I didn’t know it when I was visiting at first…he appeared very male.
    This guy was getting wine gone away back with cheese….
    and after a few times into the kitchen area he came back wearing ladies high heels.I thought hmmmm…That’s odd.
    Then he went back and forth (getting snacks or a book or whatever)
    then he was all dressed up to the waist!
    He just didn’t have the courage at the time to tell me that is that what he had in mind!
    This is like the same thing.Just get used to troops walking around…
    It’s all good!
    They just like dressing up and walking around in their snappy outfits.
    What good is having a cool costume and no one ever gets to see it!?
    Hows the baseball season shaping up?
    I want to see men in baseball suits walking around town too!

  13. we are still talking about the Army walking around in the cities and towns of this country…..right?. Has any one got an answer for such actions?. Has any one settled on the idea that…..yes, it’s all based on the elections coming in Nov. just think the “wrong” guy….either is elected for another term, and the —- hits the fan, or the other guy gets elected and the 1st guy gets all upset and well, he turns his “goons” loose on the streets. Would that be such a surprize, not really!

  14. The New World Order—> truth and honesty.

    The all seeing, all knowing, all powerful I (eye) does not exist as a symbol on a dollar bill, but exists–> in our mind. The I-dentity given to us to communicate with each other is not to be misused/ruined/taken in vain.

    Quote :
    “Before Abraham exist, I exist” . Literally, our inner identity exists before our outer identity.

    The name/identity the “world” is warned not to misuse…is in our mind.

    Have you ever wondered why we record all our actions, wether good or bad, in our mind? We can be destroyed from the inside…without bullets.

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