21 thoughts on “U2 – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For

  1. You haven’t found what you’re looking for, Bono, because you’re not looking for truth (if you were you wouldn’t be the hypocrite you’ve been since the early 90s, “helping” Africa by hurting Africa).

      1. Scott,
        I believe you are thinking about his speech to the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee… (He only testified before them. He was not a member.)

        1. You guys could be right but I could’ve sworn this guy was a CFR member. He’s up there with George Clooney and Angelina Jolie. I’ll see if I can find it. I know for sure he’s part of this bullsh*t agenda cuz people love to follow the stars!

          1. You’re right about that, Scott, and my spidey senses tingle and hackles go up automatically when I hear certain names, but cfr didn’t hit it. I do know he’s in big with all the bigguns like them and schmoozes the pope, tutu, bushes and the likes. Amongst others so he’s definitely on the in crowd.

          2. Bono frequents the chateaus of Switzerland, along with the Clintons and all the other Illuminati freaky sexual deviants and their going ons. He’s a one-worlder communist.

  2. I remember some scathing criticism of him and his so called “charity” work; something to do with only 2% of the funds raised going to charity. I’ve seen him schmoozing at the White House with Bushy-Boy and… See:


    More info here:


    He’s spoken a lot about helping the needy and proper use of resources and yet once, a few years ago, he left a favorite hat in Australia and then he paid $1,700.00 for a plane ticket to have the hat flown back to him.

    Still, very good song-writer. Too bad the artist is buried in the politics.


    1. Funny you should mention the hat incident. .my kids, wife at the timeand iin-laws were outside the hotel he was leaving(his) to go to court and he waved to us. Any tabloid photos you see of him waving that day were to us and the photogs. We were walking to the Guinness brewery and stopped because we saw a couple photographers and a few security people people lingering. Nothing else to do…

      1. Ha! So, could I have your autograph? Teehee, jus’ kiddin’.

        Anyway, I just looked up his net worth, and it’s “reportedly” $590 million. I don’t know why that slays me, but it does.


        1. Haha Lol Seems rather small for a man of his noteworthiness, doesn’t it? I’ve since cast off any false semblance of false friends and my daughters have cast me off as their father because of my intolerance to anything nwo, but thank you from inside my less than noteworthy little head 🙂

          1. Understand, and have endured similar rejections. Dishin’ out horrible information does not win one a popularity contest. Sigh…


        2. Ha No it doesn’t and I’ve suffered quite a bit popularity wise and financially substantially for standing my ground, but being hungry and free but knowing the truth is better than being a well cared for slave.

          In the end, we all sleep. I’d rather die free in a cardboard box than a slave in a gilded

          Henry and Laura have some of my greatest
          admiration for their efforts.

          1. Thank you for your kind words first thing this morning. Sometimes little things count for a lot.

          2. Guilded mansions are a pain in the ass. Anybody who owns one is an idiot in today’s world. Give me a trailer in some beautiful woods, heaven.

            Thanks for all you do here Martist.

  3. What’s the difference between God and Bono?

    God doesn’t walk around Dublin pretending he’s Bono.

  4. I seek truth….get a daily dose of it right here….that is why I appreciate and support the efforts of Henry and Laura (and Spike)……Thank you!

    1. Me too, Mary. And it really is a haven. I posted this a while back but just have to post it again. Song and lyrics:



      Sweet Sweethaven
      God must love us
      We the people
      Love Sweethaven
      Hurray hurray Sweethaven
      Flags are wavin’
      Swept people from the sea
      Safe from democracy
      Sweeter than a melon tree
      Put here for you and me
      Sweet Sweethaven
      God must love us
      We the people
      Of Sweethaven
      God must have landed here
      Why else would he strand us here
      Where the air is nice and clear
      Sweethaven even sounds so near
      To Heaven
      God will always bless Sweethaven


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