US Economic Recovery – The Future is the Past is the Future

As we head into yet another summer of discovery that we have been blatantly lied to for yet another year, the economic experts are pouring forth. They are noting that we have less jobs and less industry than we had last year at this time as they parrot the standard June slogan.

It is all about confidence.  All the infrastructure is in place for a huge recovery but the filthy rich, who have accumulated another year’s record profits, have lost “confidence” and the only thing that can restore their confidence is further tax breaks and stimulus.  All the profits the elite derived from last year’s theft are now being pumped into low yield bonds which are being horded.

Is anybody picking up on the cycle yet?

In July the experts will come out looking dumbfounded as weekly jobless claims go back over 400,000.  And even more dumbfounding will be the fact that the unemployment rate not only does not rise, but does indeed fall, as people now losing their unemployment at 70 weeks will be removed from the equation by the hundreds of thousands per month.  Of course it will be said that they dropped out of the work force because they have become discouraged.

With chants of “double dip, double dip” we will bleed into August and the GOP Convention.  August is the month that the politicians get the message.  They now understand that the real problem just might be a lack of jobs.  They will discuss the matter with deep intent and their genius will shine as we move into September.

Next we will have the construction of “mandates from we the people” demanding further tax cuts for the filthy rich, further stimulus for international corporations based in the US, and the yearly September $30 billion bank bailout….all for jobs, of course.

By this time, the unemployed will be losing their benefits at 60 weeks and there will be a frenzy on the internet of 60ers, telling all of us we need to inundate our Congress people with emails.  Yeah, that’ll work.

Finally as we start closing in on November and the election, the chant will be, uniform across the board, “Jobs, jobs, jobs, it is all about jobs.”  And then the election, after which when the status quo Bilderberg candidates have taken up their offices we will begin fall harvest.  “Look at all the new hires!”  “Exports are up.”  “Business revenues are up.”  “It is not just a recovery it is a big recovery.”

And round and round we go.  Mark my words; nothing is going to change in the United States until the people of the United States physically force the change.

God bless the Republic, death to the international order, we shall prevail.

3 thoughts on “US Economic Recovery – The Future is the Past is the Future

  1. Hi Henry,
    I haven’t comented in some time now but still do follow. You are right on in this article, I’ve never seen the”big picture” laid out so simply and in so few paragraphs, if only we could all open our eyes to these truths we would have a fighting chance to take our country back. Thank you!

  2. When they say, “Jobs are up” in September, they will fail to mention that the reason why they are “up” is because it is the holiday season and businesses will hire only “seasonal or temporary” workers for 3 months and then in January of 2013, all of them will be laid-off and jobless, YET AGAIN, and the unemployment statistics will start over and over again just like your symbolic cycle shows. These idiots in the mainstream media have a stupid excuse for everything no matter how twisted their statements are. So sad.

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