US Nationals – A People Without a Country

There exists in the United States a segment of the general population that can trace their lineage to the colonies.  Once upon a time in America, all national lands, not allotted to Indian tribes through treaty, were the sole possession of these nationalists.  Indian tribes today are recognized as having the rights to hunting, fishing, and gathering for subsistence.  These are natural rights that are a continuance of rights retained by the Native population as a part of their bond to the land.

But what of the descendents of the nationals who conquered this continent and were at one time considered to possess the right to take subsistence from the national lands on an equal par with the Indian population?  The fact is whereas the rights of the American Indian population are preserved, the rights of US nationals to the bounty of the land have been turned into conditional privileges.

It has indeed reached the point that a citizen from another country can come into the United States and take of the bounty of our national lands while the descendents of the colonials are economically barred from the harvest of the land.

Here in Oregon where I live, the rivers, lakes, and streams have literally been taken over by elitist government organizations that bar me as a nationalist from hunting and fishing as my forefathers did.  The American Indians here, by right, harvest the fish and game, using whatever methods they please.  I, as a nationalist, who can trace my lineage back to the colonies, cannot.  If I want to fish in a river I must pay an exhorbanant fee and follow regulations that have changed my natural right to harvest the land, to a sport reserved for the elite.

This is just another step in the replacement, removal, and or extermination of the American nationalist population.  Not only am I denied my natural rights as a nationalist, but the insurgents who are trying to displace me have raised state and federal armies who patrol what is my land by birthright, employing four wheel drives, four wheelers, snow mobiles, glocks, and M-16s to make absolutely sure I do not take so much as a mushroom from the forest to put up on my family’s table.

The annual budget for the US Fish and Wildlife Department runs about $1.5 billion per year.  In reality this armed force exists to control the food source our national lands represent.

An expert from the United Nations just completed a twelve day tour of the United States.  He will be submitting a report to the UN for the purpose of creating new international law designed to give more US lands to the various Indian Tribes.  This law will no doubt be brought into the United States through Obama’s latest Executive Order Promoting International Regulatory Cooperation.

I am a native of America.  I am a nationalist.  All of my national park lands have been turned over to the United Nations through treachery and treason.  And now the United Nations wants to turn over more of my national lands to the various Indian Tribes which are sovereign and separate nations, apart from the United States.  These so called sovereign nations are cooperating 100% because they will get the land and the riches of its resources.

The laws in the United States have been twisted for the sole purpose of dispossessing the American nationalists.  We are now told that we are not natives of this land and in fact we are not nationalists of this country.  So tell me this, as I can trace my ancestry on both my mother’s and father’s side 300 years back to the colonies, just what country am I native to?

American people of the American race, wake up.  We have been dispossessed, disenfranchised, and made civilly dead.  We have become a people without a country.

Thomas Jefferson said, “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.”

Now, not only are we to be made homeless, but we are to be made subservient to those we conquered.  It is time to bare our liberty teeth and viciously wrest our country back from those who think they can swindle it away from us.  After 300 years on this continent we are the majority and we are all related.

Those among the Indian Tribes, who are secretly dealing with the United Nations, are no different than the sell-out chiefs of the past who screwed their own people for their individual personal gain.  After we restore our Republic, any members of any Indian Tribes that are found to have cooperated with the United Nations in the attempted seizure of our country, must be severely punished.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

16 thoughts on “US Nationals – A People Without a Country

  1. We have traced our family ancestory back to 1736 when they arrived on the ship Harle’ in Philadelphia ( and now I am apply for membership for myself and children into the SAR (Sons of the American Revolution which is related to the DAR Daughters of the American Revolution).

    1. You’d be surprised how many of us there are. I’m DAR (from both sides of my family) and DRT (from my Mother’s side).

  2. This article is absolutely correct. Both the state government and federal government are shutting us out of the US forest and stopping the rightful use of our rivers. We see more and more laws designed to control us being enforced every day. Google UN21 for dummies and see what they have in store for you.

  3. Where do you get the idea that the rights of the Native Indians are preserved?

    The Fed gov. is STILL taking the Indian lands. And, the Billions of dollars the BIA was holding for the Tribes, have disqppeared.

    That’s just a couple of examples of how much Right the Indians have.

    Not to mention how much poverty there is in the Reservations. These people hqave NOTHING! Everthing has been stripped from them by the U.S. Feds.

    1. Please read my comment, it was about the rape of all us citizens and never mentioned Indian tribes, Although in this area the most prosperous are the Indians.I personally know several that are wealthy. But they don’t rely on our government as some do.

  4. Sorry, I have zero sympathy for Americans.

    You voluntarily go around bombing innocent people all over the world, and then want people to feel sorry or *you*? Don’t tell me it’s your awful government and your awful corporations that are to blame – the last time I checked your military is 100% volunteer and 100% engaged in illegal and immoral actions.

    You think Native Americans have more rights than you??? Are you unaware of Article VI of the Constitution of the United States of America, which states that all treaties signed and ratified shall be the highest law of the land? Are you unaware of the fact that your country has NEVER honored its treaty obligations with the Native Americans? Those few casino-rich Natives that you have met are an extreme minority.

    Honestly, it is you who are the bullies and you who are the cowards. You’ve spent the last 200+ years killing everyone in sight, yelling at the top of your lungs about how your “democracy” and your “freedom” are oh-so damn superior, and NOW you want to tell us your whole gig has been hijacked???

    Why should anyone believe anything a fork-tongue like you says?

    1. The US military is 100% voluntary and many young American Indians have voluntarily joined in the slaughter also, and indeed have throughout history, in helping the British and US armies slaughter other Indians.
      Do I think that American Indians have more rights than me? Yes I do. I have witnessed it all my life. And yes I know about Article VI of the Constitution. And yes I know that the American Indians have been swindled.
      Do you know that the Constitution is also a treaty/contract and that the US nationals have likewise been swindled by the same scoundrels?
      I’m not looking to see your rights diminished, but rather to see my own restored, hence my treaty enforced.
      You say I think myself superior. If you had read more than one article on this site, you would know that those I call American Nationals also have American Indian blood and are indeed the people who have fought for a hundred years to see the American Indian treated fairly.
      You speak about my democracy. This is not a democracy. It is a Republic and this misnomer is the violation of the Constitution/Treaty that has caused harm to every American.
      I assure you I am quite aware of the American Indians living in squalor at places like the Lone Pine Reservation. I have heard Russell Means say on many occasions that we Americans, as nationalists, are the American Indians of today and that we will either unite or be destroyed.
      These American Indians who are swapping spit with the United Nations need to know that the reason these internationalists want to turn more lands over to them is because history has proven that a handful of “chiefs” are easily bought off. And every American Indian had better understand that once these international elite have completed the dispossession of the US nationals, they are not going to allow the Indians to keep any land.
      Again, it is we, the US Nationals, who saved the American Indian from total extinction and it is they, the international corporate elite you seem to favor, that would have wiped the Indians out and taken everything.

    2. IL bet you are French., You talk about the bombing and killing but never mention that this was done to liberate your sorry ass.I am proud of my country and what it has done to help the oppressed all over the world. You can spout this crap all you want. I do agree it is time to stop and take care of our own and let you non appreciating people fend for your self.

  5. Hey Jack,
    Why not visit the people of Fallujah and Sirte, let them show you just how much they appreciate your liberation.

  6. If my history serves me correctly then the American Indian (after the brutal colonization of the land) and the colonizers both began with much natural land. It appears that the colonizers, through the years chose first an agrarian way of life then an industrial way of life and now a war-driven way of life. Who’s fault is it that the land is no longer there for natural life? How many cities are there sitting on farmland and forest. How many car manufacturing plants, railroads etc. are there, all over your ‘natural land’. You know, the mansion house, a car for each family member and on and on. Every daughter a head cheerleader. There were clear choices for giving up the natural land in order to facilitate your chosen lifestyles. Now you complain? And what about the peoples who were forced to work the land creating your wealth? Do they have voice or the right to eat ‘naturally’ like you are hoping to do? Your article seems to have managed to disappear some rather valid events and situations.

    1. When the colonials arrived in America, they were simple people with nothing. They befriended the American Indian and intermingled and intermarried. They were farmers and they did harvest the wild lands, right along side the Indians. Once they had tamed a section of America, the power elite from Europe came in and took that land away from them through taxation, driving them ever westward in search of peace and a natural life. And the corporate elite stayed right behind them, seizing the land for the rape of the resources for European conquest.
      As for the black folk, it was black Muslims that captured them and brought them to the United States. They were then sold to the elite to work the land that they had stolen from the American nationals.
      I have traced my lineage and to the best of my knowledge, no one in my family ever owned another human being. The fact is we take pride in doing our own work.
      Not to mention I have Indian blood. There are a handful of American Indians who try to live naturally as possible, but I have never seen any of them forego the flush toilet or the automobile. They hunt the deer and elk with spotlights in their four wheel drives. And you know what? I don’t care. This is not about Indian against white. This is about the hereditary right to harvest the land for all natural Americans.
      Growing up, fish and deer, mushrooms and berries, were just a mainstay in our diet. Now I am being told that I can no longer harvest food from the land without a license, hence permission from the government.
      Now I hear that members of Indian tribes are joining with the United Nations who would seize all the land and enslave us. I will make it clear. The United Nations is my enemy and anyone who joins with my enemy is also my enemy.

  7. I do follow your work and learn from you. There are three ‘issues’ here. First your use of the word “tamed” rather than colonization.

    Second, the American slave trade was I believe centred in Europe and was controlled by Jewish business/money.

    Yes, I agree that Black people themselves sold opposing tribes into slavery but I do not recall ever learning about their religion.

    Lastly, Your classification of the Europeans arriving in the Americas into three separate groups (colonials, power elites and the corporate elites) would actually be seen as all the same from the view of any indigenous peoples. All colonizers are first friendly in the first few generations and all groups everywhere have a few individuals with good intentions. Most Indigenous Peoples throughout the world have been welcoming to strangers. That is their natural or cultural/religious temperament.

    Thank-you for the thought provoking post. I do not think in terms of enemies. I do not approve of the UN either for many reasons. I firmly believe that quality information/education will eventually bring understanding and new intelligent solutions. Beginning with self, family and local community.

    1. Well thank you for coming on and reading the site. I guess we can agree on one thing and that is we must communicate and understand that external enemies exist that are intent on destroying us all.

  8. Ponts well taken, however the US government already has an “official” designation for “U.S. National.” They are American Samoans, and their country is American Samoa in the south pacific. They certainly have their conflicts of culture with the feds, musch as the Native Americans, and I’ve seen more than my share as I reside there. The more I see, the more I see the U.S. fed pandering to “corporate citizens,” which is an offcially fictional designation, and canting the nation toward Fascism. Not a good thing to say the least…

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