US Soviet Insurgency Institutes Austerity

March 1, 2013, open austerity takes effect in the United States.  Though this is being called sequestration, make no mistake, it is austerity and austerity can only occur in a socialist country.  Via the original Constitution for the United States, there was to be not but, if at all, direct tax for a specific purpose for a stated span of time, and only as agreed upon by the people through their lawful representatives.

The theory being that all property is retained by the people and could only be transferred via free will.  But then again, there was to be no taxation upon taxation, and more to the present time, upon taxation, upon taxation, upon taxation.  Today’s act of austerity dispels any notion of the people’s absolute right to their property.

With this seizure, any and all future seizures are presumably sanctioned, as we the people once again have failed to enforce our law.  In accepting this austerity, we accept that the insurgent government owns absolute all property of every kind within our sovereign borders, including the clothes on our backs and even our personal beings.

Our enemies know these things to be true.  They also know that, like the original unconstitutional taxes they implemented, today’s actions are but a crack in the floodgate.  This is why we must be disarmed.

The average sheeple out here cannot conceive of having another individual or group thereof come to their homes and simply tell them to get out, no missed payment, no delinquent taxes, no foreclosure papers.  And do not think about taking any possessions with you.  Make no mistake, this will all be lawful, as the Bill of Rights you thought protected you, no longer exists as you have freely surrendered it through your failure to enforce it.

People, this is why they want our guns.  You see, as far as they seem to have come, it is all an illusion, as our rights are inherent in our beings and exist absolute as long as we are willing to enforce them.  We have the right to defend our persons and property with lethal force and our enemies know this to be an absolute fact.

In the end equation, whether it be our country, our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, all things come down to the final simplicity, possession is 9/10 of the law.  They can say all property is theirs, they can write this down on paper and even sign their names to it, but before they can have it, they have to take possession.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporation, we shall prevail.

2 thoughts on “US Soviet Insurgency Institutes Austerity

  1. 1913 was the year that the Federal Reserve a Jewish private banking family operation was set up to usurp the wealth of the world through the usury interest charged on their fictional fiat paper debt money. Not by coincidence also in 1913 was the IRS established to collect income taxes from us to pay the usury interest on the nations debt to these FED private banking families.

    FED Money comes into existence through debt and is cancelled when the debt is repaid. Usury interest is entirely different to their FED Money as it is not printed into existence. It represents a penal tax on the production of the nation to be paid to these same banking families.

    Each year for the past 100 years the debt of our nation has constantly grown as our nations borrowed money is mainly spent on Israeli empowering wars (read your history on the first and second world wars whose purpose was to establish the country of Israel at the cost of hundreds of millions of innocent lives) plus since 911 the very convenient never ending financially costly war on terror. Each year the military industrial complex ensures our national debt increases and with it the usury interest owed grows. Each year our progressive taxes increase to meet this legalized extortion and poverty like a frog gradually boiled rises under their slick central bank communist scam.

    Until there are just two classes of society left, those left like dogs degraded as human beings and utterly dependent on the banking families for scraps to survive (ie State welfare provided to them mainly from FED private family printed monies) and those few elite banking families with their chosen corporations and their chosen oligarchs now owning all our wealth and all power.

    Austerity is just a private banking family affair where we pay additional usury interest and suffer because we surely love the oppressor so much that we must sacrifice even more of our productive wealth to them each and every year that passes and fight more wars and lose more freedoms until our lives are left no better under them than are the Palestinians in their terrible concentration camp.

  2. It has been 100 years, a century since the Federal Reserve began draining this country of its wealth and resources. I only hope I live long enough to see their ultimate demise.

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