US to Intervene in Syria

CNN ran a piece yesterday featuring an American, Matthew Vandyke, who went to Libya to fight on the side of the rebels against the Gaddafi regime.  Vandyke will now be going to Syria where he intends to join the rebels there.  This is all part of a propaganda push to get the United States involved in the Syrian Civil War, which in reality we already are as our CIA, working in coalition with Israeli Mossad, are smuggling arms to the rebels through Turkey.

What part of “NO” does our government not understand?  No, we do not want to be involved in any more foreign wars.  And no, we do not want to finance any more foreign insurgencies against other sovereign governments.

As for Matthew Vandyke, in going to Libya to join the rebels, was he not by definition aiding Al Qaeda, the same Al Qaeda killing our soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq?  And when he goes to Syria, will he not be further aiding Al Qaeda by joining the Al Qaeda rebels there, who, by the way, have recently been caught committing atrocities?

How about this?  Go to Syria, Matt, and stay there and make it clear that you are not an American representing my country and me.  How dare you think you can defy the will of our people and join with what in reality are our enemies and subject the rest of us to any and all retaliations for American involvement in the Syrian Civil War?

The fact is we need to round up everyone pushing US intervention into Syria from John McCain to Hilary Clinton to the mainstream propagandists and dump them in Syria after removing their US citizenship.

If one of us tried to act unilaterally in defiance of our country’s policy of non-involvement on the side of Assad, we would be labeled terrorists and be put on Obama’s hit list.

And remember, the Assad regime, though without question a tyrannical dictatorship, is not Al Qaeda.  Also remember, that our young people are still being killed and having their body parts blown off by Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Ron Paul wants to remove us from these foreign wars.

Considering that we are in a depression and facing a possible famine in the United States, do the Israeli Zionists have such a hold over power in our country that they can choose our enemies at a whim as it suits their interests?  And is their power in our country so great that their Zionist adherence here in the United States can defy our foreign policy/law and act on their own so long as their actions are sanctioned by Zion?

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have had about enough of this crap.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

10 thoughts on “US to Intervene in Syria

  1. “What part of “NO” does our government not understand? No, we do not want to be involved in any more foreign wars. And no, we do not want to finance any more foreign insurgencies against other sovereign governments.”

    It’s not in their vocabulary anymore, Henry, except when it comes to us being armed and the like.

  2. the military works for the “military industrial complex” not the USA!!!

    I remember when I was in the army some 40 years ago, lifers ( that is someone who plans to stay at least 20 years for retirement) were hoping that we could start another south east Asian war with Cambodia, that way they could get another stripe. No one ever thought ‘WAS IT THE RIGHT THING TO DO!!” Today there is nothing different! Everyone from defense contractors to the soldiers (useless cannon fodder quote from H Kissinger) hopes that there will be another big war so they can get their stripes….

    What we as a country do to others we one day do to ourselves…..

    karma…. its a bitch

    1. This merc who is a special black ops should join Blackwater- if he isnt already. He signed up at as a “journalist” trying to solicit donations for his Syria “art project” as he is calling it over there… basically using that cover to have the rank & file pay for his stint on a death squad. and people are paying it.

      THIS IS WHY WE NEED A DRAFT ! It would stop this recreational murdering dead in its tracks (which is why they havent instituted it).

    2. Actually Ms. Sheila the term that was used was “USEFUL IDIOTS “.

      In my opinion , there is not a bigger pr#@k walking the face of the earth than Kissmyassinger . Don’t forget the ” useless eaters ” comment about people in Africa .

    3. Actually, Sheila, we live in the United States of America – the country. The military works for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, which is in reality a corporation, not a country. It’s the all capital letters which distinguish the difference between the two.

  3. Kissinger – Bilderberger, Bohemian Grove, Trilateral Commission, CFR.

    A real piece of work, that one.

  4. Why hasn’t the military arrested Obama and his Administration yet? Obama signed the NDAA giving the military the authority to arrest anyone who is suspected of supporting terrorist. We now know that Obama and his Administration are associated with terrorist in the middle east. So what are they waiting for? Are the military leaders cowards?

    1. Why wouldn’t they, Jeff_T? Al-Qaeda was created and directed by the CIA. Why then would they not also fund them?

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