US Unemployed Given Fraudulent Numbers in Lieu of Job

“Don’t get excited about the headlines when there is no substance behind them.”  Amilya Antonetti made this statement on an interview with FOX Business’s Cavuto Friday.  Ms. Antonetti, a business mentor, said she had just come in off the road.  The essence of her position was that the reporting in the mainstream is not matching the reality on the streets in reference to this so called recovery, which like all the other so called recoveries before it, is an out and out fraud.

Cavuto, when trying to talk out of both sides of his mouth at once, admitted that the way the unemployment rate is calculated has been changed and that that is why the number went down, not because of any improvements in the economy or the jobs market.

Cavuto said, “It is what it is, the numbers are the numbers, and no matter how the calculation is made that number is going down.”

Using this logic we could say we are not going to count unemployed women anymore.  And just like that, overnight, the unemployment rate could be cut in half.  I mean, “It is what it is, the numbers are the numbers,” right?  Hell we could make it so all we count is the employed in the calculation and then we could have a zero unemployment rate.  And wouldn’t that make everybody feel better?

This is the ridiculous morphing into the bizarre.

All throughout the mainstream yesterday the talking heads were saying that the drop in the unemployment rate is an engineered fraud.  Then as soon as they had put in the disclaimer, they went straight back to the fraud, using the fraudulent number to put forth a projection showing jobs and the economy growing.

I heard one talking head on Bloomberg dismiss the fraud by saying “We need the confidence.”  So how does this work?  If we keep repeating the lie of a lowering unemployment rate, one morning we just wake up and we all magically have jobs again?

The fact is, net, we are losing more jobs every day through NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT.  Net, more Americans are unemployed every day.  And net, there are more long term unemployed every day.

What the hell is this insanity?  Is this Obama’s new strategy to win another four years in the White House?  They call it growth through Confidence in False Numbers?  Or maybe for a short title they could just call it the Denial Strategy.

The filthy rich corporations continue to make record profits, quarter after quarter, year after year.  And apparently all that is left for the rest of us is a dose of sunshine being blown up our collective ass.

I’ll tell you what, Cavuto, simply reciting a number that you know to be a lie is not going to afford anyone a paycheck, as now it has reached the point that the unemployed person is saying, “I don’t have a job” and the only response he or she is getting is, “Yes you do, look at the numbers.”

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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  1. Kudos to Amilya Antonetti for telling it like it is. Cavuto is a damnable fool not even worthy of wasting a bottle of barbeque sauce on because even starving vultures in the desert wouldn’t pick at that scrawny pile of crap.

    “…it has reached the point that the unemployed person is saying, ‘I don’t have a job’ and the only response he or she is getting is, ‘Yes you do, look at the numbers.’”

    I couldn’t have put it better myself!

  2. If Cavuto goes too far he is out of a job. He’s too scared to speak the truth. Hell, he might end up driving a truck if he flaps his gums the wrong way. The poor slob would go from 4 million a year to $40,000 overnight, and that’s only if he could handle the truck.

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