USDA Files For Slaughter of Unprecedented Pandemic Scale

Published on Oct 25, 2013 by potrblog…
ALERT! USDA Filing Environmental Impact For A UNPRECEDENTED Pandemic Animal SLAUGHTER So Massive That Current Disposal Methods Can’t Handle It

Yesterday we reported that the USDA had was looking to hire “many” veterinarians and vet-techs to support a massive poultry slaughter in response to a post Thanksgiving H7N9 Avian Influenza Pandemic.

Today the USDA placed an Environmental Impact notice on the US Federal Register that they are planning a Pandemic Animal Slaughter so massive that the current disposal methods of open pit burial and open pit burning cannot handle carcass throughput.

Specifically the USDA wants public input by Thanksgiving week, on how to handle “mass carcass management” of 50 tons or more per site. Currently they are investigating, large scale carcass composting, “rendering, landfills compliant with the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), and other fixed facility options, such as incinerators compliant with the Clean Air Act, that could accommodate a large volume of carcasses over a short period of time.”

14 thoughts on “USDA Files For Slaughter of Unprecedented Pandemic Scale

  1. This makes absolutely zero sense. If there is indeed a pandemic, which I doubt, why wait until after thanksgiving? Why not find where the disease is, and cull that particular flock? If the purpose is to raise the price of food, and to reduce the amount of food available, it makes perfect sense. Look out mass starvation.

    1. Agree Farmer Dave. All one has to do is study what the Bolsheviks did in the Ukraine in the 1930s to see what they are up to. “Control the food, control the people.” I believe that was a quote from Henry Kissinger. It sure looks to me that they “plan” to have a mass epidemic, just like the swine die-off in China, and now coming here. They need their planned world wide depopulation program to go into high gear. And if FDR ordered killing of livestock in the ’30s, when I believe some 3 million Americans died from starvation, they have a precedence set for it an a huge scale now. Mad men running the asylum!!

  2. Mad men will continue being mad, untill they are taken out!
    Just maybe there will be enough publicity on this to stop such…
    B S………
    How is it that idiots are allowed to be in charge of programs on a government scale?
    Must be that there are more idiots in our midst than clear thinkers….

    1. If there really is a pandemic how much of the chicken has already ended up in a McNugget and all fast food is guilty of serving crap. The price of Free Range Chicken will skyrocket if the FDA doesn’t do what the did to raw milk. Close them down.

  3. Why let them kill you slowly? If you own animals or farmland, defend it with your life, because your life very much depends on it.

    The Agenda 21 attack has begun. Anyone who looks like they can feed themselves and not have to beg for water is being targeted.

    There is no pandemic. Just the desire to kill off as many Americans as possible. If you haven’t yet realized that you’re being attacked, someone needs to punch the shite out of you to make it more obvious.

  4. This is only the very small start of it all. I am suprised that we don`t see massive chicken, cow, pig etc. die off just because of the massive amounts of steroids, anti-biotics, and anti-depressants – yea they even give them animals anti-depressants.

    1. digger,
      I think your right, look at whats happening to pork? Beef is crap now Chickens. And with GMO’s vegetarians aren’t safe either. Does this mean the only safe food is Kosher?

  5. My Fellow Patriots:

    These “Mass-Disposal” methods,… are for us.

    Do not even think for a second this is actually for anything, or anyone else.

    Just like the development and use of Drones overseas,… they are really getting ready to use all that Drone technology,… here,… Prison Camp USA.

    Get ready,.. they think were to dumb to understand this.

    JD – US Marines – It’s official,.. the US Gov’t IS overthrown. Now,.. they just need to consilidate control without disturbing the stupid sheep.

      1. It’s just like the huge “factory farms” where thousands of animals are kept in filthy conditions. Want to start a pandemic? That’s why they want to herd all of us, their “cattle”, off the land and into their stackable cities. Just as with my guns, I say “come and take it if you can”. Because just as Jolly Roger said above, I will defend my livestock, and my choice of what I eat, to the death if necessary. I was born a farmer’s daughter, and now a farmer’s wife, and that’s the way I’m going out of this life-on the land that I love and manage, with the critters that I love and provide me my food. Time for a big glass of raw goat’s milk!!

        1. THAT`S THE SPIRIT PAULA 🙂 . I don`t think that a lot of people even have a clue as to what goes on in them factory farms – real nasty, real gross stuff most people would never believe and that is what people are buying at their local wally world type store, and that is the good stuff when ya compare grocers food to that fast food stuff.

          1. And I’m churning some butter in my Dazey churn today, right from my antibiotic and steroid free grass-fed Jersey who lives out in the pasture 24/7, and gets to walk on God’s green earth instead of concrete. And she drinks fresh running water from our artesian well-whoops, best not let that out or the EPA will swing by! On second thought, go ahead, make my day!

  6. Do this blog have any actual links to the government web pages or is it just another attempt to scare the hell out of people?

    I ‘googled’ several of the terms in this blog and the only thing that came back were references to the original blog.

    Without REAL news and REAL facts, the only thing blogs like this serve is to ramp up fear, so that we all go running around like chickens with their heads chopped off and if you don’t control your feelings and refuse to be scared by BS, that’s what’s going to happen.

    P.S. Here’s a link to the government site. I’ve read the proposal and it’s not near as SCARY as this clown is making it out to be.

    P.S. II This is straight out of that movie that had a blood borne pathogen raising hell with humanity and a ‘blogger’ selling a phony cure.

    Guess what, the writer of the above is also selling a ‘cure.’

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