USS Liberty – a False Flag Attack “Made in the USA”

American Herald Tribune – by Robert David Steele

A new book is out that indicts the US President at the time – Lyndon Baines Johnson – for being the originator of the false flag attack on the USS Liberty. [1]

As a retired spy and retired naval officer, I have long considered the USS Liberty to be the greatest atrocity prior to 9/11 committed by Zionist military forces against US interests. I have long known of the fact that LBJ – and Admiral John McCain – covered up the attack by Zionist Israel and had the military chain of command order the survivors to be silent or lose their pensions and go to jail. [2]  

What I did not know was that the Zionists executed this false flag attack because LBJ suggested it to them. LBJ, not the Zionists, offered up the USS Liberty as a sacrificial lamb, suggested to the Zionists that they use unmarked aircraft, and proposed this false flag attack, sacrificing – with malice aforethought – US lives for the sake of “justifying” US intervention against Egypt in 1967. LBJ expected and demanded that the ship would be sunk with all lives – all 289 lives – lost. [3]

Elsewhere I learned that the USS Amberjack, a submarine, fired at least one torpedo against the USS Liberty, also by order of LBJ. [4]

So here we have a sitting US President not only proposing a false flag military attack by Zionist aircraft and patrol boats against a non-combatant US naval electronic surveillance vessel in international waters, but going so far as to have a US submarine fire a torpedo on a US naval vessel, and then stop a US aircraft carrier from launching protective aviation within 10 minutes of the attack beginning – ample time to destroy the Zionist aircraft and patrol boats while rescuing the USS Liberty. [5]

In reading the documentation on how LBJ devised this false flag attack on the USS Liberty to justify US military attacks on Egypt, we learn that LBJ had previously ordered a series of provocations against North Vietnam, each intended to be a justification for a war that LBJ wanted and North Vietnam did not want. [6]

I offer this commentary, with linked sources, for two reasons:

First, to make the point that the only thing worse than Zionists controlling the US Government in detail is a US President who commits treason with impunity and in fact is the instigator of this historic atrocity. President Donald Trump is being pressed by many traitors within to follow the Zionist play-book centered on war; the lesson he should learn from LBJ is that future generations will know of his perfidy eventually; while current generations are ready to salute him for being the Greatest President Ever if and only if he cleans house and rejects the Zionist playbook embraced by all Presidents since JFK.

Second, to give the Zionists their due – the USS Liberty atrocity was “Made in the USA,” conceived of by a US president. This is important mitigating information. I apologize formally for my mistaken belief that this atrocity was Zionist in origin, with LBJ only being guilty of a cover-up after that fact. I have been wrong. The USS Liberty was a false flag attack “Made in the USA.”

The only Israeli officer with honor in this event was the pilot who refused to attack a ship flying the American flag, subsequently cashiered by the Zionists. [7]

One US officer, the captain of the USS Amberjack, dismissed his oath to defend the Constitution of the USA, and fired on shipmates instead of refusing what was clearly an illegal order and high treason on the part of the sitting president, LBJ. Admiral Lawrence Geis, betrayed his oath as well, in obeying an illegal order to stand down any rescue of the USS Liberty as was well within his power as the senior flag officer aboard the aircraft carrier USS America. So also did Admiral John McCain, in willfully covering up this atrocity and failing to hold his own President culpable, betray his oath to defend and support the Constitution against all enemies, domestic as well as foreign.

As we look back at the military history of the USA, we see almost every war justified by lies. From the Mexican-American War to the Civil War to the Spanish-American War to WWII, US “engagement” has been based on lies and covert provocations (e.g. eight covert acts of war against Japan prior to the Pearl Harbor attack). [8]

That pattern continues today. From every country in Africa now falsely said to be threatened by terrorism, to Central Asia, to North Korea and System, the US military-industrial complex and its allies – notably Senator John McCain who has just called for a further broadening of the war power act (toward “anything goes” the enemy is whoever we say the enemy is) – seeks to attack everywhere, at great expense to the US taxpayer, and without any reasonable evidence or justification whatsoever. [9]

It must now be admitted that the Zionists are the lesser of two evils. Traitors among us – US citizens in high places – are the greater evil. From Lyndon Johnson to Dick Cheney to (Senator) John McCain and others, it is treason by our own that is the primary cause of world-wide war and the attendant poverty, disease, proliferation, trade in women and children, and state crime at all levels.

We have met the enemy and he is us. I formally apologize to my lesser-evil Zionist colleagues, and promise to focus from this moment forward on impeaching the US traitors that make Zionist perfidy possible.


[1] Phillip F. Nelson et al, Remember the Liberty!: Almost Sunk by Treason on the High Seas (Trine Day, 2017). A summary book review with devastating details is offered by S. T. Patrick, “Top-Tier Treason and the USS Liberty,”, 24 October 2017.

[2] Various references with original source links are at USS Liberty @ Phi Beta Iota. Admiral McCain is also guilty of obeying illegal orders.

[3] From Patrick, Supra Note 1:

The minutes of the 303 Committee meeting—held two months before the attack on the Liberty—referenced an operation called “Frontlet 615.” Operation Cyanide was found within the subparts of Frontlet 615. The 303 Committee used Frontlet 615 as a code name for the pending Six-Day War between Israel and Egypt. As planned, the war was scheduled to begin on June 15. The Americans had agreed to provide equipment, officer training, and the limited use of aircraft to the Israelis.

Operation Cyanide was a provocative false flag that called for an Israel Defense Force attack on a U.S. ship. The assault on the unarmed ship would use unmarked fighter jets so that the destruction could then be blamed on the Egyptians, and the Americans could enter the war on the side of Israel.

[4] Ray Songtree, “1967: USS Liberty attacked by submarine USS Amberjack – Crew member blows whistle,” Kauai Transparency Initiative, 15 June 2015. Several videos are included; this source was then quoted in several other alternative media outlets.

[5] Patrick Supra Note 1 has the most concise account of the Admiral’s obedience of illegal orders.

[6] Patrick Supra Note 1:

It was not the first time Johnson had dabbled in false-flag operations. Years earlier, he had tasked National Security Advisor McGeorge Bundy with “Plan 34A” in Vietnam. Buddy was charged with constructing a series of provocations that would cause the North Vietnamese to attack American destroyers (i.e., Gulf of Tonkin). Some historians cite Tonkin as the primary reason for Johnson’s 1964 win over Sen. Barry Goldwater (R-Ariz.).

[7] Ofer Adaret, ““But Sir, It’s an American Ship.’ ‘Never Mind, Hit Her!’ When Israel Attacked USS Liberty,”, 11 July 2011. The Zionists continue to claim the attack was a mistake and they continue to avoid the truth of the matter, that the attack was orchestrated by our own US President in order to justify a nuclear attack on Cairo on behalf of Zionist Israel. The Haaretz article is noteworthy for acknowledging the compelling evidence in US hands with respect to the Zionist military knowing full well that they were attacking a US non-combatant naval vessel.

[8] David Swanson, “10 Revealing War Lies,”, 12 April 2016; David Swanson, “Lies and Consequences in Our Past 15 Wars,”, 8 March 2012; Dustin Milton West, “The 6 Biggest Lies Used To Start Horrifying Wars,”, 30 March 2016; Dave Redick, “13 Lies: An Abbreviated History of U.S. Presidents Leading Us to War,”, 16 December 2010; The Editorial Board, “Iraq War Lies, 13 Years Later,” The New York Times, 7 July 2016. The best book on war and lies remains Charles Lewis, 935 Lies: The Future of Truth and the Decline of America’s Moral Integrity (PublicAffairs, 2014).

[9] Elana Schor and Connor O’Brien, “McCain calls for war powers debate after Niger attack,” Politico, 23 October 2017.

3 thoughts on “USS Liberty – a False Flag Attack “Made in the USA”

  1. “It must now be admitted that the Zionists are the lesser of two evils. Traitors among us – US citizens in high places – are the greater evil.”
    Is this for real? Who is this shill trying to pass the buck? Clearly LBJ was not innocent but this trying to suggest it was not a Zionist operation, that they were only the pawns used is complete bullshit. So now because so many have found out it was an intentional attack and not an accident as israel said, the strategy is to say they were used. What about the lavon affair? What about the fact of who these wars are for and the only ones who benefit from these wars. Who shells out billions of their citizens tax money to who every year unquestioned? Who is the one that bends over and caters to who? Anyone who’s been paying attention knows exactly what I’m talking about.

    1. This garbage is coming from some toilet bug inside Israel trying to change history and make them not look and smell like the unkempt outhouse stink that they are, simple as that. The pressure has been ramped up Jamal, the Jew stink is starting to fester and they know it. They will try and pass this tripe off any way possible.

  2. a dirt bag article written by a dirt bag shill……try to tell me LBJ was giving Israeli military orders….BEEEE ESSSS…..Phil Tourney (one of the survivors from the attack on the USS Liberty) has repeatedly told the accurate facts of what happened that day

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