Vandals spray paint over lenses of three speed cameras


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Montgomery County police say they are looking for whoever spray painted over the lenses of three speed cameras.

The cameras are all located on Quince Orchard Road between Route 28 and Great Seneca Highway.

Police also say religious slurs were painted on the cameras and on a sign that warns drivers of the cameras.

As a result, the cameras are not working right now and not expected to be fixed until later this morning.

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13 thoughts on “Vandals spray paint over lenses of three speed cameras

  1. Yes, because speed cameras are so much more important to the security of this nation than NSA spying and Obama’s treasonous acts.

    Oh that’s right. The police like to pick on people who can’t fight back. I see how it is. Proof that they are nothing but cowardly bullies with toy badges.

  2. “As a result, the cameras are not working right now and not expected to be fixed until later this morning.”

    If the police spend half as much time arresting the real crooks as they do fixing cameras, we might have a real normal police force again.

      1. The largest street gang in ameriKa is what they really are now not police like we had 50 years ago. These are for the most part Jack boots that will do what ever they are told,if they don’t they will for sure be looking for another job.It also look like that most of them love the power trip it gives them with all their buddies and the body armor and all!

  3. We had something over here in the UK called Captain Gatso, a website where he and other “volunteers” would spray, uproot, blow up and otherwise violate and destroy speed cameras with amusing write ups for the best examples.

    The humble speed camera is on the wane here in the UK with councils dropping their use as revenue makers after bitter public resentment to them, yet the police are in more favour of the average speed takers which are less visible, record your number plate which is sent to the database as well as the computer, takes your number plate again and if you have arrived at the second camera under a set time, it automatically prints out, convicts you sending you an automated fine.

    Before law changes, the police had to observe you breaking the limit consistently for 3/10th of a mile, cameras regardless of type have been known to make many mistakes, the most common one of a speeding car overtaking a law abiding car and the law abiding citizen being prosecuted.

  4. The resistance starts somewhere and I think this is it starting, and when you couple this to actions seen in Germany recently where people are spraying all different kinds of CCTV…on buses, subways…we can consider it a united front to international big brother. Soft resistance usually precedes the hard.

  5. They are doing this all wrong stop throwing money away like this with just paint.
    Cordless drill and some expanding insulation foam would be a much better solution.

    1. If its the film cartridge type, the cartridges cost a fortune, the digital types are cheap guts but I remember a copper telling me the film cartridges cost something like £20000 so are governances going to bite the bullet time and again on these expensive contraptions?

      Personally I think a drill is a good idea but instead of foam, a mix of petrol, a dab o’ washing up liquid or other gel type medium and shredded magnesium ribbon squirted in there and ignited would be more entertaining but then again Thermite isn’t hard to make and I am sure there are plenty of motorists who would be gladdened seeing some of these machines dissolve into a pillar of glowing mush, could claim it a national holiday thing or a religious observance, get Walmart to stock Gatso-b-gone kits for happy Gatsoeen… 😛

  6. I heard a caller to the MSM conservative-leaning WMAL station (DC) this morning suggest that the swastikas painted on the cameras/signs were intended to be a statement that the speed cameras are a part of our increasingly fascist system. This guy was quickly shot down by the host as making an offensive statement. The MSM view is that neo-nazis must have done this (because what else could a swastika possibly represent?) and it is a hate crime against Jewish people. Crazy.

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