Virginia Tech Under Lockdown – What are they up to now?

Two people have been killed on the grounds of Virginia Tech.  A gunman apparently killed a police officer and one other person and then went on his way.  The reporting is kind of scary because the propagandists are playing sad music in their clips, which might have seemed suitable if you were talking about Virginia Tech in 2007.

Where did the gunman come from and what were his motives?  Maybe one of the CIA’s MK-Ultra subjects got loose.  Or maybe he was allowed to escape….with a gun.  Not that I am saying this is what happened, just a thought.  After all today’s news media has to be considered speculative, as really all I see them do is speculate.

Who knows, maybe they’ll have to declare martial law in Virginia and confiscate all the firearms, if that is what it takes to get this guy.  And such an act would be completely justified as two people have been killed by a gun and one of them was a police officer.

It’s getting to be like going to Iraq, when going to Virginia Tech.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see where the trail leads.

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  1. Unless this person was driving a stolen car, wouldn’t they know who the car was registered to? The lack of details puts the whole story in a very suspicious light.

      1. Va. Tech gunman kills officer, then found dead

        December 08, 2011 — BLACKSBURG, Va. (AP) — A gunman killed a police officer in a Virginia Tech parking lot Thursday and then apparently shot himself to death nearby in a baffling attack that shook up the campus nearly five years after it was the scene of the deadliest shooting rampage in modern U.S. history.

        The shooting took place on the same day Virginia Tech officials were in Washington, fighting a government fine over their alleged mishandling of the 2007 bloodbath where 33 people were killed. Before it became clear that the gunman in Thursday’s attack was dead, the school applied the lessons learned during the last tragedy, locking down the campus and using a high-tech alert system to warn students and faculty members to stay indoors.

        “In light of the turmoil and trauma and the tragedy suffered by this campus by guns, I can only say words don’t describe our feelings and they’re elusive at this point in time,” university president Charles Steger said. “Our hearts are broken again for the family of our police officer.”

        The officer was killed after pulling a driver over in a traffic stop. The gunman — who was not involved in the traffic stop — walked into the parking lot and ambushed the officer. Police did not know what the motive was.

        A law enforcement official who spoke on the condition of anonymity confirmed the gunman was dead, but wouldn’t say how he died. While authorities wouldn’t confirm specific details about the gunman, they released a timeline of events.

        At about 12:15 p.m., the officer called in the traffic stop. After a few minutes passed without hearing from the officer, dispatch tried to get in touch with him, but didn’t get a response. About 15 minutes later, police received the first call from a witness who said an officer had been shot at the Cassell Coliseum parking lot and the gunman had fled on foot.

        Local, state and federal officials responded immediately. At 1 p.m., an officer saw a suspicious man in a parking lot known as The Cage. The man had a gunshot wound and a gun was nearby. Authorities said they responded to numerous other calls of suspicious activity, but found that there were no other threats and lifted the campus lockdown, about four hours after the initial alerts.

        Asked if police were still looking for the shooter, state police Sgt. Robert Carpentieri said: “I think the investigators feel confident that we’ve located the person. I can’t give you specifics and I don’t want to confirm that but you can kind of read between the lines so I won’t specifically address that question.”

        The officer, who wasn’t immediately identified, had served on the campus police force for four years. State police were still investigating whether he had been specifically targeted. The campus force has about 50 officers and 20 full- and part-time security guards.

        At the time of the shootings, students were preparing for exams when they were suddenly told to hunker down. Heavily armed officers swarmed the campus as caravans of SWAT vehicles and other police cars with emergency lights flashing patrolled nearby.

        “A lot of people, especially toward the beginning were scared,” said Jared Brumfield, a 19-year-old freshman from Culpeper, Va., who was locked in the Squires Student Center. The university sent updates about every 30 minutes, regardless of whether they had any new information, school spokesman Mark Owczarski said.

        Harry White, 20, a junior physics major, said he was in line for a sandwich at a restaurant in a campus building when he received the text message alert. White said he didn’t panic, thinking instead about a false alarm about a possible gunman that locked down the campus in August. White used an indoor walkway to go to a computer lab in an adjacent building, where he checked news reports.

        “I decided to just check to see how serious it was. I saw it’s actually someone shooting someone, not something false, something that looks like a gun,” White said. The school was a bit quieter than usual because classes ended Wednesday. About 20,000 of the university’s 30,000 students were on campus when the officer was shot. Exams, set to begin Friday, were postponed.

        The shooting came soon after the conclusion of a hearing where Virginia Tech was appealing a $55,000 fine by the U.S. Education Department in connection with the university’s response to the 2007 rampage.

        The department said the school violated the law by waiting more than two hours after two students were shot to death in their dorm before sending an email warning. By then, student gunman Seung-Hui Cho was chaining the doors to a classroom building where he killed 30 more people and then himself.

        The department said the email was too vague because it mentioned only a “shooting incident,” not the deaths. During testimony Thursday, the university’s police chief, Wendell Flinchum, said there were no immediate signs in the dorm to indicate a threat to the campus. He said the shootings were believed to be an isolated domestic incident and that the shooter had fled.

        An administrative judge ended the hearing by asking each side to submit a brief by the end of January. It is unclear when he will rule. Since the massacre, the school expanded its emergency notification systems. Alerts now go out by electronic message boards in classrooms, by text messages and other methods. Other colleges and universities have put in place similar systems.

        Universities are required under the Clery Act to provide warnings in a timely manner and to report the number of crimes on campus. Andrew Goddard, who has crusaded for stiffer run control laws since his son Colin was wounded in the 2007 shootings, said Virginia Tech’s response seemed substantially better this time.

        “It sounds like things moved very, very fast this time as opposed to the time before,” said Goddard, who has a daughter and nephew that go to the school. “That doesn’t surprise me. Virginia Tech really did get the message in the sense that when bad things are happening, you have to ask quickly.”

        Monica Borza, a senior majoring in biological studies from Virginia Beach, said in an email to AP that she chose to attend Virginia Tech because she thought she would be able to feel safe there. “The dedication of the officers today confirmed my decision,” said Borza, who was at the Blacksburg public library when she got a text alert about the shooting.

        “Within minutes, all my friends and family checked in with me to make sure that I was safe,” she said. “For the next couple of hours, my phone was constantly going off with text messages and phone calls saying, ‘Are you okay?’ ‘Praying for VT!'”

        During about a one-hour period on Thursday, the university issued four separate alerts. Derek O’Dell, a third-year veterinary student at Virginia Tech who was wounded in the 2007 shooting, was shaken.

        “It just brings up a lot of bad feelings, bad memories,” said O’Dell, who was at his home a couple of miles from campus at the time of the shootings. “At first I was just hoping it was a false alarm,” he said. “Then there were reports of two people dead, and the second person shot was in the parking lot where I usually park to go to school so it was kind of surreal.”

        Police would not rule out a connection between the shootings and an armed robbery Wednesday in Radford, about 10 miles from Blacksburg. According to media reports, Radford police were looking for a man they considered armed and dangerous after an armed robbery at a local real estate office.

        In August, a report of a possible gunman at Virginia Tech set off the longest, most extensive lockdown and search on campus since 2007. No gunman was found, and the school gave the all-clear about five hours after sirens began wailing and students and staff members started receiving warnings.

        The system was also put to the test in 2008, when an exploding nail gun cartridge was mistaken for gunfire. Only one dorm was locked down during that emergency, and it reopened two hours later.

  2. that shooter could possibly be me next chrismas is only weeks away what is going to happen next i just got fired from my 9 dollar and hour job i was the only american working there the mexicans pushed me out wow the roles have reversed i have nothing but suicide in my thoughts been homeless for 9 months and i think i have finally crossed over in realizing this the only way out im slowly dying lost all hope i finally dont care any more i am so sick of people telling me it’s going to get better but im a realist it’s going to get worse henry want to thank you for all your inspirational reports goodluck im checking out i have finally come to terms with it they cut my foodstamps i have nothing left but the clothes on my back henry your a good man wish you well my friend

    1. Brian Sargeant,
      If you do something like this they win. I know once you have had a minute or two to think about it, you will change your mind.
      Remember my friend, there are always options. I can’t tell you I have the answers you need because I do not, but I do know that doing it for them or possibly hurting anyone innocent absolutely is not the answer.
      I do not know why the fellow at Virginia Tech did what he did, but from the best I can tell the killing of the police officer was absolutely wrong.
      When the time comes to take our country back, we must do so under the law. If we throw the law away we are no better than they are.
      Anyway, don’t do anything until you’ve taken the time to try to talk yourself through it.
      I hate the government but there must be someone you can go to talk to that can help you work your way through this and find a way forward that does not involve harming yourself or another. We may end up in a violent revolution but we must act rationally. Find someone to talk to. There are people out there who care. Go to a church and talk to the preacher. Give him or her a chance to help you find yourself another answer. This isn’t easy for any of us but we owe it to one another not to capitulate. Stay with us and we will have a chance to fight the good fight.
      There has to be an honest to goodness caring church near where you are at. Find it. Let the good people within help you.

  3. henry thanks for your response im not going to hurt anyone im just tired of living in this shithole america thank you for your advise but the thing dont believe in god or shrinks and all the shrink wants to do is dope me up i have finally come to the conclusion this will be the only way to be free because everday is a day of pain being alive haven’t showered in two weeks or shaved i quit im a walking piece of garbage sorry for dumping this shit on you this nhow i feel everyday now no one will miss me

    1. You don’t have to be religious to get help from a church. The few people left out there who do care will generally be found in the small churches. I make no claim to faith myself but the house I live in is owned by a church and the minister of that church has proven himself to be a decent human being.
      If you think yourself not worth life then our Constitution is not worth saving. When all else fails it inevitably comes down to that final right, and that is the right to life and that is not just to exist but to live and have a chance to have happiness.
      Right now the elitists are trying to take that right away from you and if you kill yourself you hand them a victory against the rights of all of us. We have to refuse this illegitimate government. We have to refuse to just lay down and die.
      You believe in our Republic and our Constitution, thus to say your existence is meaningless or inconsequential is incorrect. It is we who believe that will suffer through this and win the day so that our children and grandchildren can have the promise of prosperity once again.
      In Denver Colorado Occupy protesters are sleeping in the snow. They too are called unwashed and unwanted, but mark my words, in the end they and we will be the mouse that roared.
      Brother, this thing is coming to a head. Do not give in.

    2. Brian Sargent,
      Listen to Henry. He’s right. You don’t have to be religious to get help from the church. You don’t have to get “Saved” or “Converted” to get help. Please hold strong. Don’t let them win. We need you.

      1. Brian Sargent,

        Actually, Brian…..if that’s what you really want….just get it over with. If not…keep in touch. Your decision.

          1. Don’t mean to be cold, Angel. It’s just that I am no stranger to futility, depression, and despair and I know that no one can talk anyone out of ending their own life. When you’ve had enough you’ve had enough…or…you discover that you actually do have the will to go on…or ….you swallow your pride and ask for help anywhere you can. When you’re done you’re done. Frankly, Scarlett…..

          2. Understood. None of us here are strangers to those feelings. I, myself, have dealt with them my entire life. However, when someone reaches out for help or some kind word of support, you don’t come back with “Frankly my dear…” “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

          3. Brian, come on man. When you were talking like brian s. on here, none of us responded to you that way, including me. I agree with Angel, that was pretty damn cold. We were here for you, Brian, when you were feeling down and out. Try and show a little sympathy for other people who are hurting.

          4. Brian Sargent,

            If you’re still there Take Henry’s wise advice. Swallow your pride and go to a church. Government offers absolutely nothing.

            I am hanging on by a thread. I desperately need dentures and can barely eat. I am in constant pain. I have “friends AND family who could easily afford the cost but they seem not to give a damn.

            When my situation becomes like yours (and it very well may for many reasons) I will be faced with the same choices. What I will do when and if it gets to that point remains to be seen.

            When we are down our “friends” can forsake us. Usually even family as well. What guarantees that they will do so is if they perceive you as angry, prideful, and bitter. (When it comes down to it the average human being is totally egocentric.) It is very hard not to be all of that (angry, prideful, and bitter) when you wind up flat on your backside. Work on that first and somewhere, somehow you will find an alliance that will lend a hand. Good luck.

          5. Ok, Clark…agreed.

            But call a suicide hotline…there you will discover the depth of human compassion as they ask about your insurance coverage to pay for their “program”. No tickee no laundee.

            And that’s what is known as the bottom line. I am as disgusted as poor Brian is. I just haven’t yet been totally defeated. When I am I will know it…and I will be out of here and no one will really give a damn. It’ll be “good riddance….he was a loser anyway…never really made any money”. Money is all that matters…wish I had been raised to know that early on.

          6. Brian,
            When each of us dies we die alone, though there may be many people around us, nobody is coming along. And after the passing of another generation we will be reduced to a story. This is what makes life so precious, everything in our world counts absolute in our existence. But one second after we are gone, none of it matters even to the smallest degree.
            As for us poor bastards trying to work our way through this damnable predicament we find ourselves in, we are seeing the reality of the human species. When it finally comes down to just two, one will inevitably turn on the other, reasoning the action in citing the need for survival. This is a glitch in our psyche that is being taken advantage of at present. And though it is a reality in our present, it is not a necessity.
            We are not down to raw survival yet and if we could just realize this one thing maybe we could make the leap to the next level and see that in reality there is a plenty and our surest path to survival is through sticking together and stopping the handful that destroy life for pleasure.
            I have to believe that those relatives who have neglected their family members who have fallen on unfortunate times are at least still capable of experiencing guilt. The insane rich sure as hell cannot.

          7. It appears replies are closed on this thread since there is no reply link after this entry…so?
            End of thread?

          8. OK…I see…it sequences without visible link….Good words, Henry. Exactly another way to express what I have been saying.

            Now to we Americans is revealed the underbelly of the beasts that are, to our misfortune, part of our species.

  4. You got that right .I know some people in my town who get help from food card,insurance,heat assistance and whatever church they have the umitigated audacity to hit on because they no longer get credit at the bar.Churches will help you,it’s just that those who need it the worst have too much pride to ask and other socialists who milk you dry while they lay around on their lazy asses abuse that system,too.Charity is wonderful and so is personal discipline and individual responsibility.

    1. It simply is not a compassionate world. The reason is probably that we humans tend to not make prudent and wise use of what is given…instead we tend to consume it and ask for more. He who can no longer fend for himself is doomed.

      “What a piece of work is a man, how noble in reason, how
      infinite in faculties, in form and moving how express and
      admirable, in action how like an angel, in apprehension how like
      a god! the beauty of the world, the paragon of animals—and yet,
      to me, what is this quintessence of dust? Man delights not me—
      nor woman neither, though by your smiling you seem to say so.”

      Shakespeare, Hamlet

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