Washington State Man Targeted by RED FLAG Laws

Published on Aug 25, 2019


A fifty-seven-year-old Washington State man is screaming foul after state and federal authorities barged into his home, detained him, and seized two legally owned rifles and a .25 caliber pistol under the auspices of controversial “Red Flag” laws, which allow police to confiscate firearms from law-abiding citizens who have, in many cases, committed no crimes. The confiscations are often based on flimsy evidence and spurious allegations.

10 thoughts on “Washington State Man Targeted by RED FLAG Laws

  1. Is there any other reporting on this? I am unable to find anything. If true, something has to be done about it

    1. I did a quick search in the media in Everett Washington and the story itself will not even show up, but then again, every time this article is put up on Facebook, it is being immediately removed.
      If anyone can find any collaboration, I too would like to see it, because if it does not exist, what is the purpose of the article, to scare us or piss us off?
      The article fails to give one link and as previously mentioned, I checked the police roundup for Everett Washington and nothing appeared with his name on it.
      Anyway, best I can do.

        1. I saw nothing on the actual youtube video from the guy who made it. I left comment saying post the article evidence that this actually occurred.

          We’ll see if there’s a response.

          1. getting zero results when I search for it. Story sounds a bit ridiculous to me. Maybe they are trying to scare gun owners with these types of articles. Also not sure why a grown man would have a .25 caliber pistol. He has got some bad taste in pistol choices that’s for damn sure. They have been trying to psy op the american people at absurd levels around anything involving gun ownership over the past couple of weeks.

        1. Don’t get too relieved. With the unlawful policies that have been put in place by this unlawful United States corporate aristocracy, this eventually will happen if the people fail to enforce the ratified law of the Bill of Rights and remove these mother f-kers from our land.

          1. Yeah they are taking people’s guns and property for no reason all the time. This is just how things will be until we take our country back from the international corporate mafia. They were going through people’s houses I believe during the boston firecracker psy op, and we all know they were doing the same thing during hurricane Katrina.

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