Watch an 11-Year-Old Boy Shut Down a Speed Trap and Flex His Rights Like a Pro!

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

Keene, NH — Nothing illustrates how the times are changing quite like an 11-year-old boy filming the police and shutting down a speed trap.

Mikey, an 11-year-old boy from New Hampshire made an awesome video this week showing him holding up a sign to warn motorists that there was a speed trap ahead. Within only a few minutes, this mini-rights flexing guru shuts down the officer and forces him to move on. 

But holding the sign to warn motorists was only half of Mikey’s awesomeness. When the state trooper came back to intimidate the tike, Mikey held his own better than some adults would have done.

Without batting an eye, Mikey continued to film and refused to answer questions, thereby ending the stop before it even began. Below is that amazing video.


One thought on “Watch an 11-Year-Old Boy Shut Down a Speed Trap and Flex His Rights Like a Pro!

  1. Here’s more information about illegal checkpoints:

    “Woman declines to show her drivers license at DHS/University of Berkley funded police checkpoint”

    “Police are allowed to stop motorists who avoid checkpoints”

    Police ask motorists to “volunteer” to submit to drug tests

    One university made close to $14 million off of ‘No-Refusal’ checkpoints

    “Police claim forcing people to submit their DNA will help reunite families”

    “Police state America 2015: Forced blood draws, DNA collection and biometric scans”

    “Public outraged over illegal DNA checkpoints”

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