WDBJ Virginia Shooting: Freemason-Illuminati Media HOAX!

Published on Aug 26, 2015 by The Black Child

CBS All Seeing Eye Lucifer’s Supercollider Broadcasting Network’s partnership with The Department of Homeland Security hoax-scheme on the population, trying to incite race wars in America. I will give them credit, this one was inventive, but still a HOAX.

11 thoughts on “WDBJ Virginia Shooting: Freemason-Illuminati Media HOAX!

  1. Clearly a hoax!….. no blood, shooting victims running and screaming AFTER being “shot”. Father of female on tv no tears no red eyes, fake crying. Fiance of female shot, no tears no red eyes. no blood, no ambulances rushing to scene.

  2. Couple of things seems strange to me, how did he know they would be doing a live broadcast on this date and time? Also, “Parker”, “Adam” maybe reaching a little out there but it’s a perfect blend of emotions, sympathy, empathy, gun control, etc. reminds me of some other names that were tossed around, oh yeah, Robbie Parker and Adam Lanza, that’s it.

  3. Masonic colors of clothing worn by the interviewer and interviewee:

    “The three fundamental colours found in all civ-ilizations, down to the Middle Ages in Europe, are white, red and black. These, too, may be regarded as the principal colours of Freemasonry: the white of the Craft degrees, the red of the Royal Arch and of certain of the degrees of the Ancient and Accepted (Scottish) Rite, and the black of some of its others, and of the Knights of Malta.” http://www.masonicworld.com/education/files/apr02/include/colour_symbolism_in_freemasonry.htm

  4. I have a BS in Broadcast Journalism, a MA in Journalism and Mass Comm., anchored during my Senior undergraduate year, completed two 100-hr internships with network affiliated Fox and NBC stations in Miami, worked for PBS as a reporter and broadcaster, did free lance, and then some.

    Reporters and photogs (cameramen) are required to be aware of their surroundings at all times. Some members of the public like to jump in front of the live camera to say, “Hi Mom!” or get behind the subject being interviewed and wave or shoot birds, hold up signs, etc.

    The narrator who said the suspect knew his victims would not see him coming because they were focused on their interview subject was taking advantage of the gross ignorance of the general American public to tell a blatant lie.

    Remember: Everything you see and hear on TV is a lie. It is produced as a lie and broadcast as a lie. Journalists who try to tell the truth are removed immediately.

  5. “WDBJ Virginia Shooting: Freemason-Illuminati Media HOAX!”

    No need for the exclamation point.

    It was already FAR too obvious this was a hoax.

  6. 100% HOAX!!!! Fake screams couldn’t even make it in a cheesy. gory, “B” movie. Screams wouldn’t have passed the interview on the “casting couch.” And all the so called “loved ones,” act just like the parents of Sandy Hook! This is NOT actual human behavior. However, it IS conditioning people to smile in the wake of real tragedy. Sad.

  7. Note the coloring of the supposed shooter’s hand at 10:46 in the video, tell me it matches what we see of the hand holding the gun from the shooter’s video.

  8. Wow! That hand was clearly white. Clear as clear can be. No over exposure or anything. If that hand is not white, then I’m pink. But apparently a black man did it. I’m confused.


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