“We Do Not Consent!”: San Diego Resident Goes Viral After Sharp Tongued Speech At Board Of Supervisors Meeting

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The County Board of Supervisors in San Diego may not have known what they were getting into this week when resident Brittany Mayer showed up.

The meeting was littered with residents who were at their wits end with continued Covid measures, but likely no one more frustrated than Mayer, who was happy to share her thoughts with the board. 

When given the chance to speak, Mayer took to the meeting room’s podium and unleashed a 2 minute tirade that was so sharp-tongued and thought out, the video is going viral.

“America is not a hospital,” she starts off by telling the board. “This is a constitutional republic that guarantees protection of individual liberty, freedom and due process.”

“San Diego is not a hospital floor that we have collectively checked into, that we collectively have checked into that subjects all patients to equiably subscribed medical care without due process” she continues.

“Our constitution does not secure for government power to impose forced equity in medical mandates. There are 3.338 million people in San Diego county, 3,811 people have died with Covid, of whom 96% had comorbidities, median age 77. That is a totally fatality rate of 0.1%!”

“WE REMOVE CONSENT from treating us like patients in a hospital ward!” she concludes, raising her voice at the end of her speech. “We are done, the consent of the governed is removed. We will not comply. We do not consent. Nathan Fletcher you are on notice. We will constitutionally remove all petty tyrants beginning now.”

You can watch the full speech here:

Meyer wasn’t the only livid San Diegan.

In June, San Diego County issued a health order (pdf) saying persons and entities may still be subject to California public health guidelines and standards, such as universal indoor masking—regardless of vaccination status—on public transit, in schools, or health care settings. For unvaccinated individuals, mask mandates are required in indoor public settings and businesses.

A mom also told the board that she was speaking up on behalf of her children: “What type of a mother would I be if I could not stand up for my children?”

She said it is important for her school-age children to learn proper annunciation, phonics, and smiles, through “laughter and play.”

“We need to see your smiles,” she said.

“My children and myself will no longer deal with California’s political theater of the masks … We the people have spoken. We will not back down. The silent majority is no longer silent,” the mom continued. “As a mother, I will never back down for my freedom and for the rights of my children.”

Emily Archuleta, another county resident, claimed that mandating vaccines as a condition of employment is in violation of Americans’ constitutional rights and will further hurt the economy.

“We choose what we say, we choose our religion, we choose what we eat, if we drink, if we smoke, if we drive, our sexual orientation, our choice if we choose to have an abortion, how is the choice to have a vaccine different?” Archuleta asked.

“You’re meeting with resistance because you are mandating this,” Archuleta said. “Let people choose.”

Archuleta also noted that people’s right to choose hasn’t been stripped from them in other health epidemics. “Let’s look at obesity, killing 300,000 with many other health consequences, yet we still sell junk food,” Archuleta noted. “We give people the choice to do what they want with their body.”


And as the Epoch TimesLi Hai notes, “Mariam, a former health care worker and first-generation Afghan American, told the board that she has been left “completely disappointed” by the county’s decisions in managing public health and COVID-19—the disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus.”

“My family came here from Afghanistan. They ran away from the Taliban, from the rule that they were going to do over us,” she said. “You know what you guys are? You’re acting like terrorists.”

“And I’m going to tell you, I’m a warrior—an Afghan warrior—and we’re not gonna back down because we haven’t backed down and we’re still not gonna back down.”

One thought on ““We Do Not Consent!”: San Diego Resident Goes Viral After Sharp Tongued Speech At Board Of Supervisors Meeting

  1. I listened only to the first vid. What a boost that gave me. Our Bill of Rights now hangs by two threads instead of one. I am encouraged as more come to realize they are being denied what they forgot they had………The Supreme Law

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