“We’re Heading Towards 200,000 Illegal Border Crossers Per Month” – Jesse Watters on FOX News

Gateway Pundit – by Joe Hoft

The Obama/Biden Administration is destroying the Southern Border so much that even the corrupt Big Media is reporting on it.

Watters shared:

Biden opened the borders for his donors.  That’s the subject of tonight’s Watters’ word.  The border crisis isn’t a Republican talking point.  FOX News isn’t even driving the story.  The networks have been forced to cover it because it’s becom a catastrophe that affects all Americans…

…The border mess is going to get even worse.  We haven’t even reached peak season yet.  According to National Security analyst James Carafano, the Department of Homeland Security insiders are saying, about 6,000 illegal immigrants are arriving at the border each day.

During the Obama Administration, Homeland Security defined a crisis as 1,000 illegals a day.”

Watch more from Jesse’s Watters World below:

Obama/Biden have only been in power for a few months and they are already in fast gear driving the country into destruction. No one voted for this.

Gateway Pundit

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