What the future holds?

Hello everyone:

You have not heard from me for the past 8 weeks because on May 4, 2022 I was rushed to the hospital in critical condition, unable to breath, after contracting a very devastating and virulent pneumonia, heretofore not seen by the medical community. This pneumonia, which has the same identical symptoms as the purported covid-19 is devastating. Let me tell you, this stuff is deadly and shuts your lungs down so that you can’t breath. Unless you get medical attention quickly, you can die! 

Several people in my area have come down with this so-called pneumonia, and the medical experts are calling it “communicable pneumonia.”  Evidently, they don’t know exactly what it is and have to call it something. And it is spreading throughout the country. All covid tests done on me were negative so they did not know exactly what I had. First it was described as a double pneumonia on top of a double pneumonia, then they weren’t sure so they called it something else.

I was shot up with extremely high doses of steroids and antibiotics and was bed ridden for 9 days straight, unable to move. Not only could I not breath without  high amounts of oxygen, I had horrible impacted mucus throughout my lungs. Every day, and  for 4 times every day, I would be put in a special vest, used to treat cystic fibrosis patients, that had pockets  filled with compressed air 8 times a second, producing a pounding sensation around the chest and back areas in order to loosen the mucus. These treatments lasted 10 minutes a session and what came up was as thick as bathtub calk.

As I was bedridden and subjected to heavy medications,  I lost a great deal of muscle mass and could not walk. My heart was affected. My eyesight was also severely affected and I could not focus. Everything was a blur. My vision was temporarily gone. Arrangements had to be made to send me to a rehabilitation facility so that I could be able to walk and function again.

On May 13 I was transferred to rehab. I was placed in quarantine for 10 days because I was not vaccinated. Again all covid tests were negative, but that didn’t matter as state laws required the unvaccinated to be quarantined.

It took three weeks of hard work to get me to the point where I could walk again and to just begin to breath normally.  I returned home the first weeks of June and now have visiting nurses and therapists coming to continue recovery.

I would like to thank all the selfless individuals who work in our hospitals, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes, who go above and beyond the call of duty to help others. They are few and far between AND They are angels in disguise doing good works and bringing forth good fruit. May God Bless them in all they do. Please continue to pray for these wonderful people. I could not have made it without their help. Once they are gone there will be nothing to stand in the way of unbridled medical evil under government sanction. Many I met refused to be vaccinated and knew exactly what was going on. “ Never trust the government,” one P.T. told me, who had witnessed 1/2 of the residents die within 2 weeks of being vaccinated in early 2021. “Everyone knew the vaccines were killing people here and no could stop it.” Multiply this by the thousands of nursing homes and rehabilitation centers across the u.s. and you get some sense of the devastation this gov’t  serum has caused.

Apart from all this, I would like to also report that I  had a NDE (near death experience) and I will write about this later.

Independence Day 2022

2022 marks 246 years since the signing of the noblest document ever penned by  a single man, and agreed to and signed by 56 others; and yet never has tyranny been more active, alive and flourishing than in the very land our forefathers conquered and set aside for posterity. Never has a population been more ignorant and self destructive than the population of the U.S. in 2022.

” if a nation expects to be ignorant & free, in a state of civilisation, it expects what never was and never will be.”

Monticello Jan. 6. 1816.

Now, Independence is not just a political idea, it is a state of being secure in your unalienable Rights; and for some is based on the sacred scriptures, which few if any really understand! What the founder’s did was to simply enforce God’s immutable laws against the enemies of Freedom even though these multitudes of enemies, now deeply entrenched in the American governmental system would tell you different.

What have you or I to do with this mockery of national independence, knowing that our inheritance was robbed from us through deceit and trickery? Are the principles of political freedom and of natural justice, embodied in that Declaration of Independence, extended to us, when that government betrays its creator and exercises oppression and tyranny over the lives of the people and for all wants and purposes is INDEPENDENT of the very people who created it in the first place and now dictates the terms of surrender?? Is thgsi what you call Freedom? God forbid it!

What have we to do with a governmental system so depraved that it violates the God-given rights of the people at whim and exalts itself above the heavens?

How can we celebrate “Independence” knowing that we are not free, not secure in our sacred Bill of Rights; knowing that our country has been betrayed by the most cunning and vicious of people, is controlled by foreign interests and foreign bankers  who make merchandise of the people and use their labor property to profit thereby and would even corrupt them sexually?

The fact is the founders loved their country better than their own private interests and even better than their own lives; and everyone should concede that it is a very rare virtue, and that when it is exhibited, it ought to command the utmost respect. He who will lay down his life for his country and his fellow man’s unalienable Rights is a man whom it is not given to despise. These are the True Patriots and Christians!

The founders staked their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor, on the cause of their country and in their admiration of liberty they lost sight of all other interests.

All of the writings that have survived tell us they were men of peace; but they preferred revolution to peaceful submission to bondage. -That they were quiet men; but they did not shrink from agitating against oppression. They showed forbearance; but that they knew its limits. They believed in order; but not in the order of tyranny.  Nothing was “settled” that was not right. With them, justice, liberty and humanity were “final;” not slavery and oppression. Unless we come to this understanding we are finished as a nation and a people!

As I sit here this July 4th, I am a broken man and I am alone.  My entire family is dead. I am oppressed with fake debts created by a fake government exceeding one hundred thousand dollars, through no fault of my own; my health is ruined by a weaponized pneumonia the “experts” can’t identify and am temporarily disabled and yet I want to know where my countrymen are? Are they also dead or disabled or deceived?

Are there any Americans left this 4th Day of July A.D. 2022?


9 thoughts on “What the future holds?

  1. I do not know Jeff, but for years I’ve seen articles posted here at The Trenches from “People For Life And Freedom.” I often wondered about the face behind those articles. I wonder how much Jeff has tuned into The Trenches broadcasts, because wouldn’t he then know where the founders fell short?

    He wrote: “The fact is the founders loved their country better than their own private interests and even better than their own lives.” And he added, “The founders staked their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor, on the cause of their country and in their admiration of liberty they lost sight of all other interests.”

    We know how many of them maintained their positions of aristocracy, and also accepted large land grants, and posts of authority without the people having a say. When Mason first brought the proposal of a Bill of Rights, beyond theocracy or any form of hierarchy, it was struck down unanimously. So the few founders who were true to the people fought for it and by some MIRACLE, they eventually, actually WON!! Well, so it seemed. For shortly afterwards, the founders went on to hijack the peoples’ uprising and it became business as usual as they proceeded to force unlawful ‘laws’ that ATTEMPTED to turn THE FREE into “SUBJECTS.”

    But it’s no easy task to undo the stories we were fed since childhood, and I hope Jeff comes to understand that. No easy task to break down what was actually virtuous (pro-freedom) in the founders, and what wasn’t. So we take what advances true liberty. I thank Jeff for his contributions, and also hope for his full recovery, on all levels.

    One last thing… Jeff says, “Never has a population been more ignorant and self destructive than the population of the U.S. in 2022.”

    I know the American Nationals are proving that wrong. We know what’s been stolen from us. We feel the chains they’ve bound us with, and we are ignorant no more!! “Self-destructive” has moved to “Tyranny-destructive.” Oppression is being beat up by those who are placing “liberty before life.”

    Hang tough, Jeff. We are the many!!!


      1. Thanks, Mary. One walks into to this type of thing doing the best one can. Better to make mistakes than to never try.


    1. As I was reading through what Jeff wrote, the only question in my mind was, what are the names of the men who wrote the Bill of Rights? Based on what I have been learning recently about the men who wrote the Constitution, they did everything they could to bury it to the extent that few would actually know it was THE founding document of, by and for the People. If Jeff is referring to the men who wrote the Bill of Rights, I feel like everyone should know who they were and what their names were. See how ignorant I am, here at the Trenches? I love the B.O.R., and now I ask, who actually wrote it?

      Jeff, you are not alone. Many are fighting on many different fronts to route out the evil that has taken over this planet. The American Bill of Rights will be the final nail in the coffin of all the treachery and treason that tried to push it down into the dirt. The thing is, the sharp end is pointed up, so be sure to step lightly.

      1. I understand, Diana. “Founding Fathers” is a very broad term, not jut because they were all individuals but they each seemed to have some mark or two that shows where they fell short, owning slaves just a piece of that.

        James Madison is credited with having written our Bill of Rights, but digging deeper we find George Mason crafting most of it. He actually had to press Madison to put it to pen and present it. Mason drew on The Virginia Bill of Rights to customize his delivery. The document itself is so pure, and as Henry says, “colorblind,” but the men behind it were, like most of us, flawed. Sounds like Human Experience 101. I guess we can conclude that many good things can come from unlikely sources.



        1. Thank you so much, Galen! Those are the 2 names I found while seeking them out for myself. Confirmed to be correct here. I believe, based on what I have learned through the broadcasts, Tench Coxe is another important name we all should know. To really appreciate the work these guys did, getting to know who they were and to bring them to life in their time and place here on earth is worth seeking out.

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