5 thoughts on “What They Don’t Want You To See

    1. Yeah, and with subtle nods of validation and respect to Trump. I only skimmed for a minute and then jumped to the end to see what conclusions were made. Gotta say, those last three or so minutes starting @1:18:31, are powerful and worth the time.


  1. The takeaway for me was that general james Jones, general mckrystal, and John Brennan as well as others are behind the the coup to overthrow an illegitimate government to make an even more illegal and illegitimate government. For their personal gain. Regardless of Clinton and trump and any other puppets. These are the people who are blackmailing the “government officials” and making sure the people are raped and controlled and subjugation even more than they already are under the Normal criminal cartel.
    These are some of the people that need disappearing and their control web needs to be dismantled and every member of “elected” offices needs to be dragged into the street and hanged for their treason.

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