What will your dog do in a home invasion

Fellowship of the Minds – by Dr Eowyn

If a masked intruder broke into your home, would your dog attack or run away?

In a recent case, a robber kicked down the door of a home with two dogs, but instead of teaming up to take him down, the canines took off.  

Inside Edition put some dogs to the test to find out whether they would confront the burglar or wimp out.

As you saw, both a yellow Labrador and the black pit bull-lab mix wimped out, running away instead of protecting their owners.

But Ellen Icamp’s much smaller dogs — the medium-sized Frodo and diminutive Dobby the Chihuahua — proved to have the heart of a lion.


Fellowship of the Minds

32 thoughts on “What will your dog do in a home invasion

  1. The cat here would run but not before she warns me well in advance something is wrong, she is very good about getting me when others come anywhere near the house.

    Mighty interesting about the dogs, lack of training? Maybe not raised with them from birth? What is going on here, usually dogs are known for fighting not running so something is missing.

    1. I currently don’t have a dog but I have 6 cats mom and her litter all grown up. As I’m older and don’t hear well I watch the cats, they are the alarm system. I look whatever direction they are and they growl and I know something needs to be investigated. They won’t attack anything other then the feed bowls but the heads up is priceless.

          1. I was looking for the post that we jokingly said had a photo of Henry’s dog in it but I can’t find it. 🙁

          1. Yes! That’s it. The Meth Lab. 😆
            I remember that one, too. Cracked me up. 😀 😀 😀

        1. LOL… I save all the best ones. 🙂

          Time to go do the cancer cure thing, I’ll be back in about 40, dear (I’m still smiling over that one). 🙂

  2. I noticed the dogs that went after the attacker were not the dogs that were licking their owners all over the mouth while their owners let them and even encouraged the “kisses.” YUCK.

    I’ve seen dogs eat some very gruesome, unidentified fare, no way is one going to lick my face.

    1. Lol I know what you mean Katie
      Love our dog , but I only kiss my wife and kids , aint kissing no ball licking butthole surfing mutt , no dam way

  3. well my dog isnt huge , but he was tested to see how he would react to one of his pack being attacked … he jumped right in and went at the attacker teeth and all , now being that he’s not a 150 pound dog , he could have been shut down by a few men or one big guy that takes no shit and dont care about the sight of his own blood , but at least he gets in there and dont run

    the one you really dont want to F with is my wife , he is so protective of her , I cant even wrestle with her with the dog in the room , if she lets one scream out .. its game on!

    and if someone shot her dog ,, well yer life is over by her hands blue line or not , she dont care

    1. Cracking up! But so true, and precisely what I’m talking about. Those tongues go some pretty nasty places.

  4. My pet peeve.
    Protective instinct is being bred out of dogs. Dogs that show any aggression or don’t want outsiders touching them are often considered culls.

    We have obedience trained our dogs for control, doesn’t help because, Stupidity of people!
    They see a dog in my truck cab bark, see his wagging tail, ignore the raised hackles, and have actually said, “he barking because he wants me to pet him.” What gives you the right to reach in my truck for anything? I have stopped several.
    If they get bit it’s my fault for having an aggressive dog in public, doesn’t matter he was in MY vehicle; the dog wasn’t secured cause i didn’t lock it, or the window was part way down; ignoring the fact both the truck, and dog are considered Personal Property, and no matter where they are shouldn’t be molested, or inteferred with without permission.

    A lot of that causes reputable breeders to cull any that show territoriality or protective instict. Even some that could be that when mature are neutered too young and get stuck in perpetual puppyhood.

    I usually have a dog with me and it is irratating to constantly be on lookout for people thinking they should be able to pet any dog they see in public.

    So much different than when I was growing up.

    1. Agreed!

      My kids were all taught to ask an owner if they can approach, pet or play with anyone’s dogs

      Just the other day my daughter was tested by many dogs being brought into a gun show
      the ones that had a coat on them that said “please do not pet” she complied , when she saw a few that must have been rescue dogs with no such sign on them , she asked the person in control of the dog if she could approach and or pet the dog ..
      shes worked in Zoos and in a few Vet’s offices , and she knows how to handle dogs

      but it was refreshing to see that her lesson from dad still stuck with her all these years

      people need to respect other folks property, even if its a living animal

      1. Always a refreshing feeling to know one had a good influence.

        I like to tell those who want to insist because his tail is wagging, “Yep! Was wagging exact same when in a fight killing a coon!” 😀

    2. I agree whole heartedly with that, when I was a kid and got my first dog I tried to teach it to ATTACK not just sit there and whine. Paid off too, neighbor let a pitbull loose and though I was not there Zack (mixed collie and husky) tore the bastard a new asshole but took a pounding in the process. Miss that dog.

  5. My dog would Attack and try to kill anyone that breaks in, guaranteed. I dont socialize him with anyone outside of my family and he’s been raised to guard his whole life. We even had someone attempt to break into this home and was attacked.

  6. Buy the right dog for the job …than train it for that job , pay the money to train both of you
    You won’t be disappointed

    Soft pallet dogs usually won’t attack , at least not with thier mouths

    Golden’s , Labs , most bird dogs are not designed to be guard or defense dogs

    If you want a dog for defense you need to look at shepherds , Pitbull etc .. dogs that have a tuff upper pallet they are designed to latch on and do damage

    People choose Labs and other bird dogs for family pets and bird hunting , because it’s what they are good at , plus those dogs mouths are better suited for not chewing up your hunt because of their soft mouths,and if also trained right

  7. A dog’s reaction to a threat is dependent upon what he learned as a puppy (like almost everything else the dog does or doesn’t do).

    If his master is very protective of him, the dog will expect to be protected rather than be the protector.

    If you want a dog who scares off intruders, don’t coddle him when he’s frightened as a puppy. Let him face the fear, and he’ll become fearless.

  8. IF I were to ever get a dog (not likely), it would be a Rottweiler.

    They’ve gotten something of a bad rap (like Pit bulls), but I’ve known a few. If properly trained, they are very loving dogs, but fiercely protective of their masters/family, and highly unlikely to run from a fight.

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