What’s up with John Kerry’s face at the State of the Union address?

Ouch, put some ice on that, John Kerry.Metro – by MARY ANN GEORGANTOPOULOS

We know, you’re wondering what the deal is with John Kerry’s black and blue face. Don’t worry, he was not beaten up. It’s simply an injury after a friendly pick-up hockey game with friends and family.

His aides did not give too many details on what happened, but the Massachusetts Democrat suffered two black eyes and a broken nose. The Washington Post reported that it wasn’t a stick or a puck that’s to blame for Kerry’s bruises. The injury apparently occurred when he fell amid a multi-player pile-up during the game.  

We don’t know about Kerry, but we’d be pretty mad if our ‘family and friends’ caused us a few shiners. Let’s just say they wouldn’t be invited to Thanksgiving this year.

For those of you who watched the State of the Union address, or rather, President Barack Obama entering the chamber before giving his speech, you probably heard the Chief jokingly telling Kerry to quit playing hockey.

So what do you think, Metro readers, is Gawker right in predicting Kerry’s bruised face will be this year’s scariest Halloween mask?

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16 thoughts on “What’s up with John Kerry’s face at the State of the Union address?

  1. What actually happened was Big Lou torqued him around while Izzy Blatzenstein explained to him in no uncertain terms that America will go into Syria.
    This is why we see the ultimatum to the Syrians before the disposal ship has even left port to go there. Before this agreement, the United States could in no way attempt to lawfully justify attacking Syria, because the Syrian government has always been well within its rights as a sovereign nation.
    The Israelis have pulled out all the stops and have made it clear they no longer care what we the American people think. Their lapdogs making up our government are going to do what they are told.
    Must suck being one of the traitors with the Jews punching you in the face on one side and the American nationals coming at you with hemp ropes on the other. I guess old Kerry was just trying to get out of the immediate pain. 😯

  2. Hahaaha! I was just commenting about his face earlier today in the PUB on FTT.

    Millard said he needed some Botox and I said that I think he still enjoys getting hit in the face by a puck or hockey stick.

    Hahaha! How hilarious is that.

  3. As dan rather had to run for his life quite often
    when people recognized him out in public …
    Maybe kerry has similar problems …
    and someone caught him.

  4. Thank you:) All of you. I have no words only laughter!!!! Well, maybe a few….old jewish women love plastic surgery. True story

  5. I quit playing hockey at age 20. My friends on facebook showed a video of them playing hockey now at age 55….it’s embarrassing. What the heck is this old fart playing hockey at age 70 ? Is he nuts? With a face as ugly as Kerry’s (a Herman Munster look-a-like) he doesn’t need any help messing it up any further.

  6. I call BS
    no man this age is playing any contact sport..

    He got his face fed to him for not playing along with someone though

  7. John Kerry, douchbag supreme, is so self-centered that he feels people will think his paralyzed facial muscles and hammering of the nose will improve his stature among the elites. Truth be told, even the elite despise the dork. He couldn’t win an argument with an informed 8th grader. He wouldn’t be insane enough to be thinking about a run for POTUS.

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