14 thoughts on “Wheaties

  1. Have they no shame. To desecrate an American icon and a cereal legacy that has been part of our pop culture for decades.
    How much lower in morality can they go?
    Well I’ll tell you how much lower.
    The next Wheaties box covers will show the sex transformation of old U.S. DA “Janet Reno”.
    Changing from an ugly man to an ugly woman.

    1. Hey flee. how you doing up there in never never land. saw your pictures. wow your out there in Gods country. 🙂

      1. I dunno about God’s country.
        But I’m definitely. . “out there”!!!
        Luckily all those voices I hear in my head keep telling me I’m not crazy.
        But one of the voices keep telling me to kidnap Obama’s dogs and I cornhole them and I can’t get him to shut up!

  2. women all around this planet should be pissed as hell that a man won woman of the year..what a dam disgrace

    I know both women at my house think its a disgrace

  3. Just think what would have happened if those Wheaties were GMO all those years.

    It would probably be wearing a dirt overcoat as opposed to a Donatella Versace original.

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