When is Child Murder Wrong?

The communists this week will ramp up their efforts to begin gun confiscations in the US.  The propaganda put forth is beginning to become obscene as each child allegedly shot in the Connecticut elementary school is being brought into every living room via the brainwashing box for the purpose of making the deaths a personal tragedy for every American.

No one can say for sure what happened at that grade school as the cover up of the cover ups continues with each passing hour.  If 20 children were indeed killed, we should be outraged.  But these propagandists want to take that outrage and use it to destroy us.  They would put forth the contention that 20 innocent children have been killed; therefore we should take the guns of everybody who had nothing to do with the killings reasoning that there will be no further killings.  Does this mean that these black op spooks will stop killing our children if we surrender our arms and are threatening to continue to do so if we do not?

Our enemies are trying to hoodwink us.  If we truly cared as we should about the innocent slaughter of children, shouldn’t that assertion go across the board?

George Bush II ordered the invasion of Iraq using what he knew to be a wanton lie as justification, which is no justification.  The day after Shock and Awe, I remember seeing dead little children being loaded into the back of a pickup truck and stacked like cord wood.  These children accumulated to the hundreds of thousands of victims of the genocide labeled as the Iraq War, who were unquestionably murdered by the Bush Regime and to this day the perpetrators go unpunished.

Now the communists want the American nationals disarmed in order that we may be enslaved.  The people who carried out the genocide for the Bush Administration would have no problem doing the same for the Obama Administration right here in the United States if we the people were to be disarmed.

Everyone out there is saying that they cannot see how it is possible for anyone to murder little children.  Now we see every evidence that there was more than one shooter at the grade school in Connecticut.  If a person refuses the accumulation of facts that indicate more than one shooter, how can the motive ever be established?

If we refuse to ignore the unrealistic assertion of a lone shooter and ask ourselves what group of people would do such a thing, wouldn’t logic lead us to the same individuals who seem to enjoy murdering little children in other countries?  In this case the motive is clear, gun confiscation in the US.

Don’t forget, the Zionist Israelis also have no problem with murdering little Palestinian children.  Ask the question: Is it that murdering children is an evil bad thing or is it that it is just an evil bad thing in the United States and Israel?

As for those communists who think they are going to come after our guns, I say give it a go and let’s see what happens.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

9 thoughts on “When is Child Murder Wrong?

  1. “Does this mean that these black op spooks will stop killing our children if we surrender our arms and are threatening to continue to do so if we do not?”

    Aquiescence to that would mean MILLIONS more children would be killed, and TENS OF MILLIONS of adults, also.

    There can be NO COMPROMISE on this issue.

    Death to ALL of these Zionist-loving, Satanic, sub-human trash is the ONLY viable solution!

    1. Hi NWO Hatr,

      That is exactly what it means.

      As I have stated,.. Now,.. its about maintaining and intensifying the “Fear-Momentum” until they have their Legislative-Disarmament show piece.

      They will keep these kinds of events up, both big and small to increase the effectiveness of the Proganda-War and to amplify the Bernaysian Effect.

      It is absolutely clear: They have gone “all-in”, and there is NO LIMIT to what acts of brutality or horror they will undertake in their expressed desire to disarm Americans, so that when the final culling begins,.. nobody can fight back.

      It is time for Americans to admit that we ARE in the 2nd Civil War,.. or stay in their self-induced measure of coma to avoid realization it is here, it is now, thereby relieving them of having to actually do something about it,.. now.

      Part of the reason so many people still have NOT seemed to accepted the fact the 2nd Civil War is upon us is,….. We The People,.. didn’t start it!

      In the minds of most people, Patriot or not,.. most people just assumed, or expected that the 2nd Civil War Of America would be initiated by us,.. The People!,.. but that is NOT what happened here, and so as events are contrary to expectations,.. people are seeming to have a difficult time adapting, improvisng and overcoming their internal, mental obstacles.


      JD – US Marines – The 2nd Civil War DIDN’T Start the way, WE THE PEOPLE wanted,… but it has started none the less.

  2. The term GOYIM means offensive and the dictionary defines offensive:
    offensive – causing or able to cause nausea; “a nauseating smell”; “nauseous offal”; “a sickening stench”

    That is how the NWO see you and me and all little children, it is how they see old seniors being manhandled at airports, or happy Pakistani children and mothers being slaughtered by their drones.

    911, the USS Liberty and any perversion is possible for the NWO.

    Are you a going to be another GOYIM an offense to them? do you want to carry their mark of the beast and live under their fascist corporate governance or are you a man of dignity, a divine being capable of handing back their offense both to us and against all that is human.

    A time for everything under the sun, this is not the time to be labelled a beast with a mark. Hand it back

    The way to hand it back is to call them out, expose their beliefs and let others understand. Human dignity must be restored and it starts with one soul at a time.

  3. I’m still wondering about that second shooter that was taken away in that van that Henry keeps saying and how the media stopped reporting about that as though they he never existed.

    WHOOPS!!! Sorry! I think I see Lt. Vance from the Connecticut State Police Department pulling up at my door now as I am talking about this false information that was first reported by the MSM. Bye! (Sarcasm)

    1. “I’m still wondering about that second shooter that was taken away in that van that Henry keeps saying and how the media stopped reporting about that as though they he never existed. ”

      That sounds like a Spy RIng that was uncovered after 911 and put on a plane out the country.

  4. Was the second shooter a Jew handler? What is going on here? The school shootings and connection to jews is darn near 100%.

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