When is it time to turn in their drivers license?

An elderly couple were on a cruse to Greenville, North Carolina when they stopped down in Lawrenceville, Virginia …

The elderly man said that he noticed the car was starting to run a little hot and rough in the last few miles but they had not known why until they stopped at McMuck’s.   

Sweet Jesus they got Bambi so it’s Back-Strap tonight and Venison Burgers tomorrow; ~)))

No animals were injured or harmed in this production; Thank You!

Deer in the Headlights

4 thoughts on “When is it time to turn in their drivers license?

  1. after the crash! you know most of these seniors are on a avg. of 13 drugs. Just think of the side-effects.

  2. Ya got’a love our elders. 🙂

    In the evening of their years it is a reflection on us how kind, generous and helpful we are to them personally.

    What should have happenened is interested folks should put the old couple up and get their car fixed at a shop, or do the work for them and just know they will have guests for a few days. 🙂 That was America. The fun part too is all the stories they could tell you and your children of their lives. It wouild be interesting to be there with a video camera getting it all down so it is not forgotten. Amazing all the priceless historical nuggets that miss the history books on what actually happened. You never know where that path of discovery would lead.

    Our elderly are also our treasures.

  3. I agree Ward C, the elderly have always been my favorite people. I love the old stories, honesty, humor. Very wise people, most of them.

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