8 thoughts on “Where The Hell Was Barack Obama In France?

  1. Maybe it’s a good thing he didn’t go
    Who really wants him there in any capacity when all he is , is a fraud !

  2. Saw an article today that this picture was a fake. Done with no crowd at all. then the picture was blended with the other crowds….. The same old crap from these people….. Enough of this already….. Everything we see today is a fraud…… People claiming to be other people to make the story…. Pay close attention to these actors….They change their names, hair styles, ect…. Shame on us for buying this crap period.

  3. Notice the look on Benny the Yahoo’s face knowing he’s being held by a black guy? Gee you’d think the black guy was a Palestinian! Racist @$$hole!

  4. No need to send the bath house mouthpiece. The real leader, nuttyyahoo attended.

    That’s how you know this is big. The big matzoh made an appearance.

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