Who Really Fears WikiLeaks?

The United States Justice Department is at present exploring every thought and theory in an effort to find a charge that can be brought against WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange.  Among the ideas floating around is a possible conspiracy charge, which would involve proving that Assange had some kind of prior involvement with the young sergeant that leaked the contents of the government documents.

There is even talk of asserting that Assange acted as a middle man between the leaker and the real press, like the New York Times.  It would appear that the mainstreamers are trying to set the stage for a scenario wherein the United States government will be defining who is and who is not a news person.

The United States government has never prosecuted a person for violation of the 1917 Espionage Act who was not a government employee.  So what the United States has to do is construct a case that answers the question of why Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are being held to a different standard than any other reporter and news agency have been in the history of our country.  Some are stretching the law to the point that if WikiLeaks simply made it easier for the person leaking the documents, this could be considered aiding in a conspiracy.

Some rational people in this country are asking why now?  The first two incidences of documents being released by WikiLeaks seemed only to irritate those in power.  Now, after this third incident of leaking, which Vice President Biden described as nothing more than embarrassing, there are calls from those in the United States government to kill Julian Assange and destroy his news site.

Well here is what nobody wants to talk about.  WikiLeaks is at present preparing to release classified documents from the private sector, hence international banks and corporations.  Could it be that these documents will show international theft and other crimes that might result in arrest and prosecution of some of the international elite?  Could these leaks actually be enough to bring down the whole house of cards?

There is one undeniable fact that cannot be overlooked.  And that is as far as the United States government is concerned, the murder of its citizens or the citizens from any other country for that matter does not really concern them that much.  However if anyone dares to attempt screwing around with the money of the rich, they will support having them executed.  I guess there are some things that the government of this country does not want the people to know, like who truly profited from the rape of our country and where our stolen wealth is located.

WikiLeaks has at present received 250,000 cables of which only 2,000 have been released to date.

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