Why Does Homeland Security need bagpipes and drums?

With the traditional use by fire and police departments for funerals of fallen “heroes” I would guess that they are planning on losing a lot of their gestapo agents!

General Services Administration – Bagpipe and Drum Supplies  

Added: Apr 10, 2013 10:03 am

The DHS Customs and Border Protection requires the following items, Brand Name or Equal, to the following:

LI 001: Carbon Bagpipe Drone Reed Set, 5, EA;
LI 002: Bagpipe Chanter Reeds-Easy, 12, EA;
LI 003: Bagpipe Chanter Reeds-Medium, 12, EA;
LI 004: Deluxe Bagpipe Bag Covers w/ Non-slip Grap Patch and Zipper, 5, EA;
LI 005: Drone Cords, 5, EA;
LI 006: Highland Bagpipe Tuner and Metronome with cases, 2, EA;
LI 007: Combination Tuner and Metronome, 6, EA;
LI 008: Black Polypenco Bagpipes w/ cases, 10, EA;
LI 009: Polypenco Bagpipe Chanter, 10, EA;
LI 010: Bellows Blown Blackwood Smallpipes in “A” w/ cases, 4, EA;
LI 011: Black waxed bagpipe hemp, 4, EA;
LI 012: Real Beeswax, 4, EA;
LI 013: Long Polypenco Practice Chanters, 10, EA;
LI 014: Bagpipe Tutor Book – VOL 1 C.O.P., 10, EA;
LI 015: Practice Chanter Reed, 10, EA;
LI 016: Rol of Pipe Bag Tie-In cord, 2, EA;
LI 017: Tapered Reamer, 1, EA;
LI 018: PiobMaster 2.3 CD ROM-Bagpipe music writing software, 1, EA;
LI 019: Pipe Band Base Drum Carrier, 2, EA;
LI 020: Folding Bass Drum Stand, 1, EA;
LI 021: Inverness Rain Cape, 14, EA;
LI 022: Glengarry Plain, 15, EA;
LI 023: Snare Drum Stand, 4, EA;
LI 024: Pipe Band Snare Drums-Black, 4, EA;
LI 025: Snare Carrier-Silver, 4, EA;
LI 026: 16″ x 12″ Pipe Band Tenor Drum, 4, EA;
LI 027: 18″ Bodhran Pack w/ Beater, 4, EA;
LI 028: Deluxe triple function drum sling, 2, EA;
LI 029: Heavy Duty Tenor Drum leg rest, 2, EA;
LI 030: Drum-Mount Snare Drum stick bag, 4, EA;
LI 031: Heavy Duty Drum Key, 2, EA;
LI 032: Short Black Classic Tenor Mallets, 3, EA;
LI 033: Black Bass Beaters, 2, EA;
LI 034: TyFry Tenor Tutor Tenor Instruction DVD/CDROM, 1, EA;
LI 035: Snare Stick Set, 10, EA;
LI 036: Square Tenor/Snare Drum Case, 5, EA;
LI 037: Spats Canvas-White, 20, EA;
LI 038: Hose-Blue, 14, EA;
LI 039: Flashes-Red, 14, EA;
LI 040: Leather Day Sporrans-Black, 14, EA;
LI 041: Horsehair Sporrans, 14, EA;
LI 042: Sgian Dubhs, 14, EA;
LI 043: Shipping/Handling/Delivery, 1, EA;

5 thoughts on “Why Does Homeland Security need bagpipes and drums?

  1. Maybe they plan to march down the streets in formation like the british did when they TRY to take our guns.Good luck we all know how that worked out.

  2. OH!,… GOOD!!

    I’m glad to see DHS has its funeral guard ready.

    Now,.. its up to all loyal Americans to make sure they are kept busy!!!

    JD – US Marines – The only problem,… Traitors don’t deserve a funeral honor guard…..

  3. “Why Does Homeland Security need bagpipes and drums?”

    The better question would be, Why does Homeland Security need anything? They are unconstitutional. They submit to NO authority and they constantly look for an excuse to call someone or even their pet dog a terrorist to justify their existence. So again, why do we need Homeland Security?

  4. “Why Does Homeland Security need bagpipes and drums?”

    Oh wait! I know why. The drums are to beat Janet Napolitano over the head with, while the bagpipes are for her farewell song on the way to Hell.

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