Why get out of bed for that NO-KNOCK RAID?

Hello Trenches,

I’ve been hunting around for ways to slow or stop a no-knock raid with “lawful to use” security devises. 

Here are some links to some products I found for little money with a quick internet search.   

home anti burglar system image


When the Mace Wireless Motion Detector Sensor detects movement in the covered area, it sends a signal to the control unit of the Wireless Home Security System, triggering the alarm.


and my favorite…

Safe Room - Panic Room Pepper Spray Motion Detector


I’m thinking on the outside of the house for the last one, near doors and entryways. You could turn your portico into the local goon squad deflector, all from the warmth of bed.

Now if you actually used this and the goons were ‘jockin’ you real tough, its safe to say your house will burn down directly.

With you barricaded inside. Free to die.

Plus there is a 10 electrode tazer model! so stock up before their all gone. lol

4 thoughts on “Why get out of bed for that NO-KNOCK RAID?

  1. And if you’re not so particular about it being “lawful to use” you can always turn your lawn into a mine field.

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