Wide-Eyed Liberals Moving To America’s First ‘15 Minute City’ In Their Droves

By Baxter Dmitry – The People’s Voice

America’s first official 15 Minute City, located in Tempe, Arizona, has started welcoming residents, touting itself as “the first car-free neighborhood built from scratch in the U.S.”

The development, called Culdesac Tempe, broke ground in 2019 and welcomed its first residents this spring. Car ownership is strictly banned in the 15 minute city and residents have been given e-bikes to get around.

Last year Klaus Schwab announced that car ownership will be banned by 2030 and people can “walk or share.” Residents of America’s first 15 minute city are experiencing Schwab’s vision in advance and can only make use of cars in the form of rideshares via Lyft and car sharing via Envoy, a community-based electric car-sharing service and platform.

NBC News visited the 15 minute city and filed a predictably glowing report about life in the liberal utopia. Watch:

Yahoo News followed up with an equally rosy report as the 15 minute city propaganda project, designed to convince the masses to move into their own prison in the future, begins in earnest:

The idea of the 15-minute city — an urban area where residents can reach all of their daily needs, such as stores, work, school, and cultural sites, within 15 minutes by bike, on foot, or personal mobility devices — has been gaining popularity recently. Tempe Culdesac is claiming to be three times as good as that ideal, calling itself a “five-minute city.”

Passenger vehicles are one of the biggest contributors to worsening air quality in the United States. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, cars contribute “significant amounts of nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and other pollution.” On average, each car in America adds five tons of carbon pollution to our air each year.

But with projects like Culdesac Tempe attempting to help people move away from personal car usage by giving them another, healthier option, we may finally see those trends start to reverse.

German MEP Christine Anderson warns the globalists plan to force the masses into 15-minute cities that will essentially serve as controlled population prisons.

According to Anderson, who is a member of the Alternative for Germany Party, the Covid vaccine passport was just a trial run for a social credit system that will be integrated into these so-called 15 minute cities.

Anderson told The Epoch Times: “The COVID pass was a test balloon to get people to have to produce some kind of QR code. Just getting people used to that”.

“Now what they’re slamming with is these 15-minute cities. Make no mistake, it’s not about your convenience. It’s not that they want you to be able to have all these places you need to get to very close. And it’s not about saving the planet either, by the way. The 15-minute cities will have to have [QR codes] before they can lock you down.”

Anderson said the 15-minute cities are necessary to keep the populations properly locked down, citing a new UK law that lays the groundwork for “climate lockdowns” as the “next step” in the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset plan.

“In order to do that, they will have to have these 15-minute cities,” she said, adding that the globalists will then charge the population for access to freely travel.

“So the poor people will be left in these 15-minute neighborhoods while the ones that are better off get to go wherever they want to go,” she added.

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