Will Jamie Dimon or Eric Holder be Voted off the Island?

Jamie Dimon, CEO for the banking cartel JP Morgan, is testifying before the Senate Banking Committee today to explain the loss of a couple billion dollars of other people’s money. This follows Attorney General Eric Holder’s testimony before a Congressional Committee yesterday investigating Operation Fast and Furious.

The mainstream propaganda outlets, CNN, MSNBC, and FOX News, are morphing in an effort to portray their so called reporting as reality TV.  They have ballet dancers, music artists, and authors mixed in with national and international crime syndicates and war correspondents.

“Jamie Dimon will be on the hot seat” was the catch line coming into today’s programming with flash backs of Eric Holder saying he might be willing to compromise in reference to releasing documents pertaining to the US government’s involvement in international gunrunning and drug dealing.  What a farce.

If your average US citizen found himself under investigation for evading $500 in taxes and was ordered by the IRS to produce documents and then refused to do so, do you think one year later the IRS would still be asking?  Hell, no.  In the first place, there would not even be a hearing.  The citizen’s property would be seized and his wages garnished. Then, it would be up to him to get them back.

Eric Holder is a criminal by definition, yet he will never be arrested nor prosecuted.  Worst case scenario, he has to endure the embarrassment of resigning.  And of course he will be paid his government pension for the rest of his life, but having to resign will be made to seem a terrible thing through the mainstream.

And what of Jamie Dimon?  He will ultimately apologize for errors and never be prosecuted for the theft of the $2 billion.

This is when socialism, at the highest levels, shines.  In this country of equality there exists a class of individuals who are literally untouchable.  At the highest echelons, if any are ever convicted, well they own a president who will promptly pardon them.

All these matters are portrayed in the press like a reality television show wherein nothing bad ever really happens to the contestants, though they are put into situations designed to invoke emotions from the audience.  Even those voted off the island are left with celebrity status and an advantage over those who never appeared on any broadcast.

The American people have become so dumbed down that they can no longer tell the difference between reality TV and reality.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

4 thoughts on “Will Jamie Dimon or Eric Holder be Voted off the Island?

  1. Jamie Dimon says that a lot of people got hurt during this last little synthetic nightmare. Yeah Jamie , let’s see, about 350 million got hurt you moron.. How much more money do you plan on stealing. First you swipe 350 billion from us, this happened all in one day by the way,then another 2 billion, some say as high as 30 billion.

    Where is it going to stop you sick sticky fingered asswipe! How about you and Eric go to a shark infested island and do a little cliff diving….

  2. Jaime and The Holder are cat toys. The Holder was left ‘holding the bag for who? Jaime and his buds of the Fed management picked up 4$ trillion in 0% loans, which they may repay with derivatives, I assume, of their own design. Good work if you can get it. The Bernanke gave Peugeot automotive of France a $400,000,000 loan@0%interest. Any body out there want to bet on this one?

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