Will Johnson Amendment Repeal Put Politics In The Pulpit?

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WEB Notes: You are not going to obtain freedom by having Presidents sign illegal Executive Orders and Mandates. What is “freely” given, can be “freely” taken away. Many people just do not seen to get it. Please look up the word, “illegal” so you understand what it means. Many seem to think a ball and chain around their ankle is okay if they are given a carrot. Is it any wonder why our nation is the way it is? There is no compromise when it comes to God’s Word and there is no compromise when it comes to the Constitution of this nation.

Churches. You will never make everyone happy so do not try. Speak the truth and ALL of the truth. Do not mask the truth for this or that person. Masking truth is what Satan likes to do, so do not do it. Our government continually breaks the law and the people need to be told that and understand what it means for them. Allowing it to go on unchecked is simply helping the enemy along. Stand your ground, it is far past time.

According to the Wall Street Journal, repeal of the Johnson Amendment isn’t likely to have much impact on preaching from the pulpit, and it could instead cause problems. Writer Ian Lovett wrote that lifting the ban “could cause problems for houses of worship … creating fault lines in their congregations and could drive people away.”

Lovett quoted from one nondenominational “Cooperative Baptist Church” pastor who called repeal “dangerous.” Daniel Glaze, senior pastor at Richmond, Virginia’s River Road Church, told Lovett:

Practically speaking, churches with any diversity in the congregation need to stay away from this business — it’s just dangerous to church fellowship. Building a church is hard enough these days. This is adding a whole ‘nother can of worms.

So Pastor Glaze will stay away from anything controversial, adding: “Churches have fought over much, much lighter matters in the past, like the color of carpet in the sanctuary.”

A spokesman for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops told Lovett that its “nonpartisan guidelines … will continue to be … adhered to by the bishops.”

Source: Will Johnson Amendment Repeal Put Politics in the Pulpit?

World Events and the Bible

2 thoughts on “Will Johnson Amendment Repeal Put Politics In The Pulpit?

  1. Thanks for posting that, Brandon–now maybe some on here who think you (or me for that matter) advocate just sitting back and let the govt. do what it wants at the behest of the criminal psychos simply because “God put these people in power” and thus completely misinterprets Romans 13. Romans 13 does NOT say We the People must submit to these forces of darkness and their human minions like Obama, Trump, Rothschild, etc. “because God put these folks in power”. Romans 13 DOES say that these folks God put into power MUST submit to HIM! Since they instead submit to Satan, then We the People have a right to do something about it! THAT is what Romans 13 actually says! And since “paying taxes to whom taxes are due” does NOT apply to an illegal authority, then we do not have to submit to this either (with or without the Hendrickson scam!)

  2. “Will Johnson Amendment Repeal Put Politics In The Pulpit?”

    My only question is… when were they ever OUT of the pulpit to begin with?

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